WHO GIVES A CRAP? HERE’S WHY YOU NEED TO - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Who Gives A Crap is an eco-Toilet Paper company dedicated to wiping our bums, and wiping out poverty, one poop at a time. Sh*t feels good!

When I received an introductory email from this company, I honestly thought it was a joke and almost deleted it. Who Gives A Crap? I thought, huh? Spam.

But, wait! My instincts told me otherwise, so I decided to read through the full, very kind, and personal email that introduced this incredibly sustainable, altruistic and really witty company. Tim, one of the lead growth marketers with Who Gives A Crap, introduced himself and the company, stating that, aside from making 100% recycled TP (read: NO cutting down trees!), they are a company donating 50% of their profits to helping build toilets in developing countries.

Wow. I was amazed! When we think of helping our world, one doesn’t really consider toilet paper as way you can make a difference. Further, living in a first-world country, something so basic as having a toilet to go to the bathroom doesn’t really come across as a concern to me.

Feeling blessed, and intrigued, I clicked on some of the links browsing through the Who Gives A Crap website and social handles. I was impressed! I wanted to hear more, and collaborate with this company to encourage the growth of such forward-thinking companies. Hence, here we are! I’m partnering with Who Gives A Crap to share with you why you need to order up a box of the home delivery TP and get excited about cleaning your bum, and cleaning up the world.


When I received the order of the toilet paper arriving at my building, I was intending to pick up the standard size box of 10”x8” or at max 18”x18.” Nope! These packages make the most of their shipping with sending off 48 (yes, forty-eight) rolls of TP to your home! I can only imagine the chuckle and smile on the doorman’s face when he read the text on the sides with the name Who Gives A Crap, because I know I certainly laughed!

There’s wit all around this brand, and they really love a good joke. However, words are easy, actions speak volumes. Does this company live up to the effort of changing your TP habits?

In every way, YES. Once you open the box, I’ve never seen such colorful wrappers in my life! It’s like a gift box coming from my mom, packaged with love and tons of colors that immediately make you smile. Can your regular roll do that? I didn’t think so.


Woah, was this TP softer than I expected! Let’s clear one thing up, that recycled in no way means crunchy, raw, dirty or cheap-feeling. Not only is this TP 100% made from recycled (cleaned!) paper, it’s also has no inks, dyes, or scents. I actually happily tossed my old roll to the back of the cabinet in loo (ha, pun intended there) for a roll of Who Gives A Crap to start using right away.

Sh*t is SOFT!

Bonus, this TP is wrapped so beautifully that it actually can double as bathroom decor in a basket, an open large shell, or just stacked in a corner to create a very fun conversation when you have visitors.


Enveloped with each roll, there’s a reminder that you’re using something of quality on your bum, never tested on animals, only “Tested on Bottoms” for “Toilet Paper That Feels as Good as it Looks.”

In the past, I went for the single-ply kind of rolls because I always thought it was cheaper. Actually? This 3-ply (hell yeah, feeling like Queen of the Throne now!) has an incredible value starting at just 25¢ per 100 sheets, which includes delivery.

Here’s a pricing comparison:

  • The brand I was using in the past costs $36 for 38 rolls, so almost $1 a roll, or 95¢ for anal mathematicians out there.
  • You can get a 48-pack for $48 of Who Gives A Crap, including delivery!


In the end, the price per roll is just about equal in this casa. Next up, let’s talk about sustainability. 


Where do you think your regular toilet paper comes from? Trees. Where do you think the wood for building your homes, your furniture, your printing paper, your grocery receipts, anything paper, comes from? Trees.

Eventually, those trees will run out, destroying our environment, and we’ll all be stuck with poopy bums and nothing to wipe them with. Yes, I’m a bit dramatic (should have been an actress!), but there’s a lot of truth to this matter! Who Gives A Crap is 100% recycled paper, so there’s not a single tree cut down with any roll made.


There are tons of creative ways you can repurpose and reuse these really beautiful geometric wrappers, including gift wrap, tissue paper, picking up dog poop, and many more ideas by one simply click of @whogivesacraptp on instagram.

My absolutely favorite idea? Making a sandwich wrap for on-the-go snacks! Of course, this healthy travel nut thinks of portable snacks. Here’s a photo tutorial to craftily wrap a sandwich to-go for any travel adventure ahead:


The puns never get old for me…

The bottom line, you’re never going to stop sh*tting. Really! So, you might as well make a responsible, ethical, and helpful choice when doing so.

Each purpose helps the company close the gap on 2.3 Billion people without sanitization. There’s 7.6 Billion people in the world total, so that’s 30% of our world population without clean ways of going to the bathroom!

When you put the numbers on paper (or text) like that, it’s a hard one to turn your head on. What you can do about it? Buy a box of TP from Who Gives A Crap. Shipping is free, and you can grab $10 off your first order using this link, or the discount code LIVEFREE

Together, we’re WIPING AWAY POVERTY one roll, one poop, and one collectively conscious effort at a time.

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  • Javier Olmedo
    Posted at 22:51h, 07 June Reply

    GREAT JOB!!!! Is fun, educational and fresh! Really I never thought in a paper roll who ACTUALLY GIVES A CRAP! What a great concept I’m a new FAN for sure… Thanks for writing something deep about this Sh**t

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