Who Am I? In A Time of Quarantine And Self Reflection - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Who Am I? In A Time of Quarantine And Self Reflection

In the time of Quarantine and #StayHome, I’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity to check back in with myself to readjust and align my life mission and goals. Here’s an overview of Who I Am, in a few paragraph tale.

“Tell me about yourself” I was asked in a recent interview from @bawahreserve … Who am I?

My name is Sara Quiriconi, better known as @livefreewarrior in the social media world. I’m based in Miami, USA and have always had a love affair with travel. During my short 36 years of life, I’ve endured (and overcome) cancer, addictions, eating disorders, divorce, job loss, mental health struggles, and more.


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Shift the focus from struggles. Emphasize the life lessons.

Rather than focusing on the losses and struggles, I prefer to emphasize the life lessons and gains. Along my wellness journey towards greater health, I’ve learned to deal with my anxiety through movement, yoga and mindfulness. I’ve created healthier food habits learning about the body and how food rejuvenates it. I’ve discovered to not hide behind who I am as a person, and instead, fell in love with being in front of the camera as a talent, influencer and actress, sharing the journeys and well-being tips that employ me to be the healthier, empowered, and authentic human I am today.

I never liked being defined by just one thing, which is why I’ve struggled for years to stick with one instagram bio, and perhaps, why acting is an ideal outlet for me! I love to constantly be learning, and learn best by observing, reflecting, and then doing, why travel is such a critical part of my creative and life process. I’m always on the go — a self-titled “bird” — be it fitness, travel, self-work, or learning something new. I’m passionate to create less waste, as an eco-conscious planet lover, because it’s our collective home!

Wellness is a Journey, Not a Destination

I’ve found my other half, better said, my other WHOLE — a man I love dearly who continues to create, dream, learn, share, challenge me, and support me each day. We are certainly far from perfect, perhaps a bit Diego & Frieda at times, but in love and meant together, none-the-less.

Wellness truly is a journey, and the best thing we as warriors can do is continue to learn, share and grow along this path. Thanks for being here, on this channel, a part of mine!

YOUR TURN: Tell me something about you?

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