What it’s REALLY like to Travel to IBIZA - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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What it’s REALLY like to Travel to IBIZA

IBIZA. Sure, you’ve heard it’s a party town; but, do you know the magic behind this island?

Ibiza is one of the premiere energy vortexes in the world. I first visited Ibiza back in 2021, and now cannot wait to be back on this powerful place on the planet celebrating health, wellth and LIFE on my 20 year cancer free anniversary.

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Ibiza, Spain
Balearic Islands

Central European Summer Time (GMT+2) — Time Converter


I believe each destination has a feeling. A vibe about it. Beyond characteristics, it has a voice, a personality and a rhythm to its soul that calls out to those listening in the moment they need that resonance within them.

Think about it, what else has us looking up certain locations in our airport destination codes calling out to us that say “Here’s where I’m going to get that feeling of (insert emotion) that my heart has been seeking!” 

While many think of Ibiza as a party destination, I would argue with experience and truth that the deeper meaning behind that emotion isn’t the party. It’s to feel ALIVE.


Venturing back with fresh eyes and heart to this magical island, one of extravagant energy found like none other in the world, Ibiza holds  resonance that sees my soul yearning for creative outpour. The sunsets, the open drive, the turquoise inviting waters, the fresh foods and energetic humans in LOVE with life and the energy it has to offer.


Ibiza isn’t just a party destination. Although if that’s what is driving you there, then I urge you to ask yourself: is the escape you’re really seeking the party? Or, the feeling of being alive? 

I find Ibiza to be a hotspot for well-being, physically adventurous, spiritually fulfilling. Purifying for the mind, if you choose it. 

Celebrating my 20 year cancer free anniversary in such a place, Ibiza, nos vamos! To continue that feeling of being ALIVE, healthy and free for a lifetime further and beyond! 

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