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The Current Healthcare, Insurance and Banking Systems are broken. We want to make them better.

Do you feel tired and stuck? Getting the run-around, put on hold, transferred endlessly, waiting to see a doctor or to hear back from your Bank, Health Insurance or Financial representative. Like a hamster on a wheel to nowhere, feeling exhaustion and frustration just to get advice, honest pricing or resolution? Pssst…It’s done on purpose.   


As an Entrepreneur or small business operation, it can be nauseating and confusing trying to navigate the waters while staying afloat in your daily tasks and business. When I started my own company, Live Free Media (formerly Live Free Yoga) over 8+ years ago, getting my own health insurance was a joke, there was zero information out there given to me in school on managing my own finances in the real world, and forget Bank of America to do anything beyond status-quo.

My first entrepreneurial endeavor launching a yoga and wellness brand with very little understanding on insurance, health coverage and banking for solopreneurs.

These dead-end journeys led to me to think, “there has to be a better way!” So, when I teamed up with globally recognized Jewett and Company to create Wellth Trust, I couldn’t wait to ring the bells to the freelancer and entrepreneur community to join the club and finally get some better pricing and answers to their backend health, financial and banking needs!


Join the club, become pro-active in your life, take charge to create change, and make positive steps towards a healthier well-being is the first step, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience by joining in the Wellth Trust Club. Join the waitlist.

What is the WELLTH Trust?

Our Mission: to aggregate a group of like-minded individual into the Wellth Trust to get access to health and money tools; the more money together, the more power together.


Maybe you’ve been bounced around from doctor to doctor? Not treating you fairly, to get you confused. Banks, wasting your time, with no straight answers. It’s done on purpose.


What’s missing in the system that has you feeling stuck? Access to honest and affordable information and resources for better health and financial tools to better your well-being.


The answer? WELLTH Trust. Join the waitlist.


We’re constantly adding to the list growing list of health and financial offerings for you, your business, family, pets and community. Here’s where we’re starting, on a local level:


  • Lowered general healthcare costs
  • Cost-effective pet insurance
  • Access to top-notch doctors traditionally reserved for big businesses and coverage
  • Direct access to chat with credible doctors of a multitude of specialties
  • Convenience of medical support from anywhere without leaving home
  • Access to global travel coverage
  • Power in numbers, the more that join
  • Risk mitigation: across all areas of well-being
  • Lifelong learning tools
  • AI-based tax software capitalizing on business expenses and deductions
  • Inclusive, accessible, and cost-effective Sexual healthcare
  • Financial tools to manage your money and wealth
  • Access to cleaner, better food on a local level
  • Localized and community building opportunities to support farmers, business owners, opening your own credit union, trust, and more.
  • Compensation opportunities for Wellth Trust Key Leaders (select entry, email if interested)


This is just a starter list. The more members, the cheaper our costs, and the greater access we all aggregate for better resources. Power in Trust Numbers.


YES, this is possible, and easier than you may have been led to believe. Remember, the system has designed it to confuse you and make you think this is so difficult to do. With the right tools and guidance, it’s simpler to implement, and Wellth Trust has been created to show you that way.


Are you looking for money? Then avoid the Landmines. Fletcher Jewett’s group has started 322 Banks and knows where the landmines are.


Get access to Top 10 in the World Talent by joining the Wellth Trust Collective, partnering with Fletcher Jewett and Group.