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Join Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior, each week as she takes you on a wellness journey around the world—without ever leaving your couch. Wellness Passport is a TV show compiling short and inspiring clips, moments and experiences featuring the best-of-the-best in spas, travel destinations, health and fitness facilities, fun excursions, and wellness tips and guidance.


From professionals in their own wellness and fitness categories, you’ll be a part of a virtual adventure receiving expert knowledge and fun wellness tips to achieve a life of well-being and happiness while traveling to extraordinary locales or in the comfort in your own home.


This show will teach you week by week that you can be anywhere in the world taking care of your self while collecting “stamps” of freedom, wellness and self-empowerment through the reflections and experiences lived by Sara and shared with you—not only via TV, but through social networks, digital platforms, and adventures, retreats, and events you can be a part of.


Get your Wellness Passport ready, because health, travel and fun adventures await you! — SQ (a.k.a. LFW)

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1. How is your content different from any content out there?

Merging inspiring content of two of the fastest growing categories, Wellness Passport offers fun, fresh information in the Wellness and Travel/Adventure Category. More than just a travel show, and way beyond the spas, this traveling, dynamic duo share inspired ways of living healthy and having FUN no matter where your passport takes you in the world.

Neither TRAVEL, nor  LIFESTYLE show, Wellness Passport holds a unique “magazine” format to keep viewers engaged with social media offering many legs for marketing and campaign opportunities.


2. What is the main premise of the show?

Traveling, being healthy, and staying fit can be FUN and an achievable lifestyle ANYWHERE.


3. Will there be any conflict that will surprise viewers? I.e. reality tv twists and turns

Missed flights, language barriers, conflicting cultures, tight spaces, knowing NO ONE in a new city, couples dispute, and getting creative with healthy alternatives when cultural foods collide with dietary restrictions. traveling to new countries offers LOADS of potential drama!


4. Why will viewers want to tune in to every episode? Besides the new location and discoveries, what is the “hook” that will keep them coming? Versus, watching a couple of episodes and moving along to the next thing.

Ask around what people seek for more of in their life: to travel, be healthier and happier. The thing is, majority have no clue how to achieve any of that, and are bombarded with different sources of input on how to! Wellness Passport encompasses answers to ALL of topics in smaller, tangible, and applicable bites in a fun, down-to-Earth way, keeping viewers engaged, entertained, and informed.


5. How is this season different from the next one and the one after? How are you planning to keep this show relevant season after season and avoid “looking the same but different” after a while ?

Along with shifting locations (traveling), new recipes, fresh fitness inspiration and unveiling dramas that occur between any couple (especially these TWO where the male is from the heart of Mexico and the female lead is born-and-bread New Englander!), the structure of the show has the ability to change each episode, depending on the main “theme” of each one. For example, one show focuses on a specific location, the next is food driven.

Options for Seasons to come can be:

  1. Europe on a tight budget
  2. Europe by Rail
  3. Wellness Passport Takes it to the Sea

We’re really open to input and ideas that the network and team may have in mind, based on their target audience and potential sponsorships.


6. What is your personal goal with the show?

Inspiring the world to live a fulfilled, happy, and healthy lifestyle that can be achieved ANYWHERE one lives or travels to.

Show Specifications


English, Spanish sub-titles
Weekly Reality TV Show
26 Minute (short version), 8 segments
52 Minute (long version), 12 segments, 1 special promotion

Who to Contact



Javier Olmedo: Producer, Videographer, talent
Facebook // Javier Olmedo (R90D)
Instagram // @r90d.tv


Sara Quiriconi: Co-creator, TV Host, Writer, Travel and Wellness Expert
Facebook // Live Free Warrior (Sara Quiriconi)
Instagram // @livefreewarrior
YouTube // Live Free Warrior