THE WARRIOR’S TOP YOGA GEAR PICKS IN THE NEW YEAR - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Top picks for yoga gear in the 2018 New Year, presented by Live Free Warrior and YogaOutlet


New year, new gear? Whether you’re in the market for some fresh yoga pieces or not, these six favorites of mine will definitely be a plus to add to your collection. As you’ve heard, I’m launching a new series called Unfck Your Body which is a restorative fitness method and video series to heal your body.

That being said, 2018 for me is all about restore, repair, and educate. Which is why the following six items made my top wanted list in the new year! All of these, you can grab from using the links below for purchase. *Prices and availability based on the date of writing.

1. Get Personal

Find what message resonates with you to reach your goals in 2018 and wear it when you need a reminder to keep you on task. Literally, this shirt has my name written all over it. The Warrior Yoga Crop tank by Spiritual Gangster has the soft feel of quality cotton comfort, the free feeling flow of being sleeveless to move, and the fierce reminder to channel my inner “guerrera” (warrior, in Spanish) when I need it most. Fashionable, functional, I’m wearing this shirt from the yoga mat, to the airport, to the coffee shop. $29.40

2. Get Cozy

Minimalize your wardrobe, investing in multi-functional pieces that support your lifestyle. This year, I’m all about comfort and being at ease in my skin. That includes what I’m wearing! Whether I’m rolling out my sore muscles (more on that to come in this share), strolling through the airport, in-flight, or running an errand to the market, the Manduka Resolution Joggers have quickly become one of my favorite pants to wear everywhere! Uber soft on the inside, pre-shrunk and two cozy pockets to store my phone or keys on the go. $58.50

3. Get Smart

You can take away someone’s things, but you can’t take away someone’s knowledge. Here’s a truth: I’m an anatomy geek!.I am obsessed with forms of movement — be it fitness, yoga, traveling — I love being on the go! Particularly, I’m intrigued by how the body moves and functions. The Key Poses of Yoga by Ray Long, MD FRCSC was one of the first books I got when going through yoga teacher training. Gratefully, it’s one of the reasons I can accredit having a solid foundation of the body’s anatomy for my classes and workshops I lead. $34.95

4. Get “Scent”sual

Activate your other senses when it comes to making lasting changes in the new year. Nothing keeps you cozy in the winter time like a peaceful candle light, and aromatherapy is something we don’t always consider when looking for ways to chill out or detox. The Baja Zen Karma Cleanse Candle has a light, refreshing smell, infused with oils of mint, lavender and uplifting citrus, designed to cleanse and clear out energies in your home or work space. $8.95

5. Get Nourished

Make a #noexcuses plan for nourishment on the go. GoMacro Organic Nutrition Bars are officially my favorite “go-to” when it comes to eating healthy while on the move—which is often! I love about these bars is they’re made from REAL ingredients that you can see and taste when you bite in to them. Not like the other powdered mixtures that leave a nasty after taste. $1.99

Insider sneak-peek: Stay tuned for three new flavors launching early this year!

6. Get Healed

Work the body in many different layers, starting at the superficial fascial status. Fascia—a word I’ve become obsessed with focusing on over the past few years when targeting muscular recovery and greater range of motion for my self and with clients. Fascia is like the wrapping of an orange after you peel the exterior layer—it encases the smaller molecules, keeping everything tightly contained and compact.

Thing is, this stuff can get really, really tight in our bodies if we’re not keep it mobile, hydrated, and stretched! In my series, Unfck Your Body, I utilize these therapy balls (either the Yoga TuneUp or EveryDay Therapy Ball) for some of the exercises to target specifically the fascia in the body. Whenever I want to unwind after a long flight, a full day on my feet, or after a hard-core workout, this kind of self-massage is the first place I go to. Yoga TuneUp Balls $12.95, EveryDay Therapy Ball $6.98

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