Using Fear As a Motivational Tool - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Using Fear As a Motivational Tool

“Let fear motivate you to reach higher heights.” — @livefreewarrior

We typically shy away from fear or consider it a bad thing, and as human nature has it, we seek to find resources to make us feel comfortable, at ease, or to avoid it all together. But, fear has three very important actionable outcomes we need to observe in those moments.: you can run from it, you can ground, or you can fly from it.

I woke up this morning from a strong, vivid dream. I was in a class room—two actually—taking a highly advanced Spanish lesson (a.k.a. story of my life when I travel to Spain or when I’m in the heart of Mexico City observing a board meeting for a filming project!), and the other a mathematical room of sorts. I was hopping from room to room, and when I sat in on the mathematics room to join the topic of conversation, the “teacher” (who’s face was actually that of an ex- account executive I used to work with at Hill Holliday on the Bank of America team, haha!) asked me a trigonometry definition.

I sat there blank in a chair having no clue of the answer. I had taken on too much, bouncing from room to room in attempts to achieve it all and be the best. In turn, I felt like I was failing, once again, at the path I was pursuing.

The fear of failure is a big one, and it’s often one of the greatest emotions that can keep us stuck, or grounded, for far too long without any action. However, the fear of failure can also drive us to see that something we’re doing is pushing some different boundaries we have never yet to leap over. Perhaps what we’re pursuing has an profound, incredible outcome that it takes that extra dose of persistence, determination, scared-shitless, gut-wrenching feeling that we need to remind us that this THING we’re pursuing will put us higher than any other point in our lives!

I’ll take that chance, that CHOICE, and that leap. Because I’d rather fail again, and again, but still keep moving that feel like I’ve never tried. THAT, to me, is living. And living free. Agree?

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