unfck your body - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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What is the series?

Unfck Your Body is a lifestyle method based on the practices of yoga, fitness training, and myofascial exercises to create balance and release (dis)ease from the body.


Consider vitamins: they’re “supplements” used in addition to your every day diet that fill in the gaps that you may be missing out on in the other foods you’re choosing to eat.


That, in a nut shell, is the Unfck Your Body series! It’s a sequence of strategically designed videos to supplement your lifestyle, giving you access and education on ways to get your body moving with ease and mobile again.

Why I Created This Program

Because we spent so many years (collectively) working so hard to f*ck our lives and bodies up, and then learned the ways, tools, and strategies to un-do some of the process. We are geniuses as f*cking our bodies up, cause self-destruction, and playing the dummy to validate our own excuses. Deep down, we know we’re better than that. And we DESERVE better than we are offering ourselves.


What good is the job you’re working 70 hours a week if you’re left immobile because you are suffering such severe back pain that you can’t get out of bed on a Saturday morning? What good is achieving the six-figure paycheck if you don’t have the physical heath to fully enjoy the adventures you can now afford?


When your excuses get quieter, what does the intuitive voice say to you? I bet it screams something like, “Hey a$$hole, can you please stop screwing me up and start taking better care of me please!? We’re a team here, you and me! And this HOME you’re inhabiting for this lifetime is the only one you’re going to get.” Maybe.

I’ve worked with clients who were widely successful in their careers, yet have been unable to get out of bed in the morning because of such sever back pain. I’ve healed individuals from the severe pain of receptive stress on the body from poor posture, long hours of immobility, whether it be driving or sitting behind a desk, and I’ve been fortunate that these clients have trusted in me, instead of heading straight for surgery, to heal physical pain that can often times be prevented before it becomes a real, irreversible issue.


This series is derived from the years I’ve worked as a yoga healer, body worker, and wellness advocate, from both personal and hands-on experience. Speaking for myself, I worked the long hours of a corporate career, and I know the toll of a 9-5 job can take on your physical well-being and overall health.


I’m here to share the tips that I learned over the years, so you can live your life FREELY without the physical pain!

How do I get started?

What Makes This Program Different

We’re not focused on burning calories, achieving handstands, or touching your toes in this yoga practice (although that may be a nice bi-product of your efforts if you’re doing this series correctly!). Instead, we’re focusing on healing and restoring your body back to its naturally balanced state; one, where you can move with ease, fluidity and, ultimately, leave you feeling pain-free.

How Do I Use This Series?

There’s three ways you can use this series of 14 complete videos:



Use just the warm-up like a shot of espresso in your day, or practice the cool down to de-stress or get ready for a good night’s rest. Equally, you can use the body section of the series individually as well, if you’re short on time.



Start out with the warm-up, head to an area of the body to focus on, then chill it all out with the cool down section for a complete hour-long session.



Ideally, this is how the series is designed to be used. Work the targeted area 3x a week, supplementing 2 other days between doing the 2 surrounding areas of the series (for example, if your hips are tight, work the Unfck Your Hips Mon/Wed/Fri and on Tues/Thurs do Hamstrings + Low Back).


In essence, this series is bio-individually based, designed for you to mix-match-create and sequence on your own, becoming your own teacher to heal your body.  Further, it’s the idea travel health program to save, view and take along with you wherever you go.