{VIDEO} Top Travel Snacks (TSA Approved!) - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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{VIDEO} Top Travel Snacks (TSA Approved!)

Hunger strikes, and your 36,000 feet above the ground. What can a ravenous health nut do?

Snack time! Traveling and healthy food options don’t always go hand in hand, especially in air travel. Aside from the airplane food being terribly over-priced, most of it is really not that healthy, offering little to no nutritional value (one piece of spinach on that $10 sandwich, really!?).

But, with some knowledge, and a little prep beforehand, you can have a cheap, healthy, and long-lasting snack to keep hunger at bay while inflight.

I’m sharing three of my favorite healthy travel snack bars and bites that are easy to pack to go anywhere, that are nourishing and fulfilling.

In case you want the links, here are the three LFW winners!

1. GoMacro: https://gomacro.com/#/products
2. GoRaw: https://www.goraw.com/shop/sprouted-bites/
3. LoveGrown Foods: http://lovegrown.com/about/our-foods/hot-cereal/

Bag by The North Face, Resistor Charged Backpack (yes, this bag comes with a chargable USB connector!)

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