Top Innovative Travel Wellness Products - Indie Beauty Expo New York 2019 - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Top Innovative Travel Wellness Products – Indie Beauty Expo New York 2019

Recapping the best of Travel Wellness products new on the market. Featured at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City 2019.

A beauty expo. What the hell is a warrior doing at a beauty expo?

I know what you might be thinking, but bear with me in this feature. I went with intended purpose partnering with Selfkaire, which has an incredible muscle and myofascial massage tool that I’ll share more on below in this article.

While there, of course, you know I was seeing what other healthy and well-being related travel items I could test out or get more information on to share with you, dear readers!

One company that didn’t make the list (skincare products, which start to all look the same at large conventions like this), but had a beautiful tagline that really resonated with me expressed:

“Self care isn’t selfish, it’s important.”

This was a powerful statement and takeaway. It’s a reminder for all us warriors, travelers, wellness newbies and healthy veterans that self care is a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t stop for a vacation, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about the world, nor that you’re too busy and not important.

Self care means you value yourself, your time, respecting your health and putting YOU above all else. Because, when you take care of you, you can care more for, and do better in, the world around you.

Back to the show: with over 1000 attendees and 700+ vendors, here are my top Travel Wellness products featured at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City 2019:


What’s it about:

You’ve for sure heard of the Patch for quitting smoking. Well, this is the “good” or healthy version. It’s a patch that’s designed to help you sleep better, ward off a hangover, relax & calm, and nix your period pain.

They come in two variations, one with CBD enhancement and the other without. These little patches can be ideal for combatting travel stresses. Combine a patch with some stretching before bed when jumping time zones, or to relax after a stressful flight and sleep.

Get it here:


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What’s it about:

Make-up brushes might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to packing less and traveling well. However, my female frequent flyers know that it’s a hassle having to pack so many brushes that usually get crushed in your toiletry bag. On top of that, they’re easy to get dirty, often leaving your face to break out on top of the stress of travel.

Beautiac has brush heads that pop off and attach on to one single wand, making them interchangeable. Genius! Their subscription service sends you new brush heads every month (or as you order). While I’m not a big fan of the waste, I am a huge fan that it’s crafty, simple and easy for healthier, cleaner skin on the go.

Inside scoop: 

They’re coming out soon with a line of eye make-up brushes as well, using the same concept.

Get it here:


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What’s it about:

This little magical massage tool was the reason I was attending the Indie Beauty Expo, so there’s good reason that this product made the top list.

Tired, sore muscles from running, toting and lifting carry-on bags, and being on your feet all day make the Selfkaire tool honestly has become one of my nighttime rituals. Work out knots, bust away cellulite, smile lines and fascial tension, I massage every inch of my body with the Selfkaire tool.

Inside Scoop:

  • Check out my before and photos on this page here!
  • Tutorials for weary travelers and fitness fans coming soon on LiveFreeTV.


Get it here:


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What’s it about:

Finding healthy foods when you’re on the road can really be a challenge. Especially if you have no time between flying, landing and heading straight to a business meeting.

Khiasi is a beauty superfood that has ingredients that may even challenge the Whole Foods produce section. Including a mix of greens, vitamins, fruits, and probiotics, when you can’t find a salad or fit in a fruit run, grab one of these travel size sachets, mix and drink up.

Inside scoop: 

I’ve heard their packaging is in beta as the moment. Let’s see what they come out with for the final launch!

Get it here:


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That’s a wrap for the top Travel Wellness products from the Indie Beauty Expo in New York this August! 

What are some of your favorite travel products (beauty, lifestyle, fitness) that you can’t live without? Comment in below.

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