Top 10 Yoga Studios to Visit in Boston - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Top 10 Yoga Studios to Visit in Boston

While this post is sponsored by adidas, all opinions and suggestions are of my own opinion, suggestions, and selection.

I’ve always believed there are many parallels between yoga and travel. Both require you to get outside of your comfort zone, adapt, bend, deal with various stresses. From those challenges, as a warrior, you become resilient to get back up wiser, strong and ready for the next journey. 

“Like a tree our growth depends upon our ability to soften, loosen, and shed boundaries and defenses we no longer need.”


In yoga, layers are like an onion. We need to peel it back, maybe cry a little, feel what’s on the inside, and then get stronger to keep working your way through the koshas (Sanskrit for layers) of the body. According to Vedic Philosophy, a Kosha (or “Sheath”) is a covering of the Atman, or True Self.

In non yogic terms, dig deep enough inside letting the outer B.S. go doing the work and your authentic, true YOU is unveiled, and set free. 

In travel, well, we need to layer up. As part of our warrior protection in the various climates, it’s a must to pack our layers. The climate changes from your home, then an uber, an airport, the plane, then the final destination. It’s a combination of New England’s four seasons all condensed into one 24-hour or less period!

As I’m prepping for an upcoming trip back to my former home-town of Boston from my now home-base in Miami, you can bet I’m wearing my physical layers keeping me warm and protected.

Curious what brings me to Boston? It’s more than the clam chowder. Continue reading towards the end to find out what two big events are bringing me back to Beantown.

A bonus, below you’ll find my top recommended layers to pack for both hombres y mujeres (men and women) for any upcoming trip.


Back to the yoga, I’ve partnered with adidas to round up (in no particular order) the top 10 Yoga Studios to visit when traveling through Boston:


About the Studio:

With three locations in Brookline, Cambridge and Newton, Down Under Yoga has definitely earned its title of being a School of learning (as its website name suggests). An old school studio with high quality and down to earth appeal, you’ll walk away learning something new to take home with you from your yoga journey.

While your in the area, Brookline has a beautiful little town feel to it to explore before or after class. The streets are lined with little stores, bookshops, cafes and a variety of food options.

Where: Brookline/Boston, Newton, Cambridge



About the Studio:

In the heart of JP (Jamaica Plain, which is located right inside the Boston city lines), JP Centre Yoga focuses on embracing diversity and establishing community. Featuring two rooms (one smaller for heated yoga and one larger main studio space), this studio is a vibrant and bright community space that invites you to just be, well…you! If you’re commuting, you can use the Orange Line and walk about 10 minutes from the Green Street stop.

Stop into City Feed and Supply just downstairs from JP Centre Yoga for a bite from a neighborhood market with organic foods, sandwiches, soups, and snacks to stock up from.

Where: 670 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston



About the Studio:

South Boston Yoga studio offers a huge variety of Yoga Classes, Workshops, Aerial Yoga, Meditation Classes, Pilates Classes, Personal Strength Training, and more. In addition, you can book yourself a  Bodywork or Massage session to work out any of that travel stress (if the yoga class wasn’t enough for your tired, traveling body).

The studio occupies two floors with four studios, showers, lockers, retail, two massage rooms, and plenty of space to spread out in your yoga practice. The 3rd floor can can combine into one of the largest studio spaces in Boston (rare to find in a city class room). There’s a Hot Studio for hot power yoga, and an Aerial/Swing room for Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Core conditioning, and more.

Fun, intelligent, community vibes and REAL-ness are my memories from practicing (and teaching) at this studio. If you’re commuting, you can use the Red Line and walk 5 minutes from the Broadway T stop. 

Where: 36 West Broadway, South Boston



About the Studio:

Just outside the city, this studio will be worth your effort to visit. Stil Studio has a warm atmosphere, like being inside the womb, to be reborn after each savasana. A strong community of devoted, playful yogis, you can take a variety of class offerings from their signature Fluid Flow, alignment, spa yoga and meditations. 

To be honest, I’m partially biased on this selection. This is the studio I practiced, trained and became a certified teacher at. However, ask any yogi in the area and they will equally rave about the quality, dedication and heart co-owners Betty and Kevan have put into this loving space.

Grab yourself and uber for this one. Or, take the commuter rail to Dedham Corp station for a quick 10 minute walk into Legacy Place from there. Within the Legacy Place area, there are plenty of food options, and a huge Whole Foods to replenish after.

Where: 227 Legacy Place, Dedham, MA



About the Studio:

With two locations now, both in prime locations of Brookline and the South End, Coolidge Corner Yoga has a variety of classes for all levels. Keeping the vibe deep in mind training and light in spirit, you’ll love the sun-lit class room to flow in. 

Beyond the physical practice, Coolidge Corner Yoga is truly about giving back to create a better world. Donating at least 50% of their profits, the community selects a cause(s) to focus their efforts on. Yoga truly is universal and connects us all.

If you’re traveling with kiddos, be sure to check out their kids yoga classes they host.

Where: Brookline and the Sound End



About the Studio:

Location, location, location. Right on Hanover Street in the North End, you’ll overlook the famed Freedom Trail from the studio’s window view. The studio has four India-inspired rooms to practice, showers and changing rooms, a mat storage room and a hallway of cubbies to store your layers.

If you’re commuting, you can use the Orange Line and walk about 10 minutes from the Haymarket T stop towards the North End. While you’re there, grab a cannoli or gelato, soaking in Boston’s “Little Italy.” There are, of course, many “healthier” options to choose from the bustling area. But, when in Rome, you know what they say!

Where: 256 Hanover St. 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02113


Travel Wellness Kit


About the Studio:

A city escape and zen oasis, Exhale Spa has two studios in the Boston area (1 of 11 different city locations). One of the features that makes their flagship spa in Boston, their Back Bay spa, so special is that upon entering, you take an elevator levels deep below the city line. It’s dark, quiet, and peaceful — something rare to find within a city.

Exhale has a full list of spa offerings, showers and sauna. In addition to yoga, you can try out their signature barre, core and HIIT classes.

If you’re commuting to Battery Wharf location, you can use the Orange Line and walk about 10 minutes from the Haymarket stop. If you’re commuting to their flagship Back Bay location, you can use the Green Line and get off at the Arlington T and walk 5 minutes.

Where: Back Bay and Battery Wharf (North End)



About the Studio:

Just outside of the Boston city line, Universal Power Yoga is “focused on you and your well-being.” Locally owned, offering 46 classes a week, you can find a mix of vinyasa flow, heating style, and restorative classes designed for all levels. It’s a great option to escape the noise of the city and take in a bit of nature in the suburbs.

If you’re commuting, you’ll want to uber.

Where: 1401 Providence Highway, Norwood, MA



About the Studio:

While there are six locations throughout the Boston area, I’m going to focus in on the Back Bay location. Formerly known as Back Bay Yoga, this studio location was converted to a YogaWorks to join the masses of a nationwide chain. Don’t let the the idea that it’s a chain deter you from going, however; there are benefits to consistency and familiarity when traveling around, right? General note: come early. Spaces can get crowded and classes book up.

If you’re commuting, you can use the Green Line and walk 3 minutes from the Arlington T stop.

Where: 364 Boylston Street, Boston



About the Studio:

Yoga means union, so this studio is intelligently named for its core of the meaning behind the practice. Boston Yoga Union is a new studio added to the list, and one that I warmly welcome. I’ve enjoyed the owner’s classes (Tim) in a few of the previously mentioned studios, so I have no doubt Boston Yoga Union will be welcomed success. Check out a virtual tour of the studio on this Facebook page link here.

Classes are intelligently structured with a welcome vibe and sense of humor, so there’s no uptight yogis here. Conveniently located in the center of Berklee Music School, it’s an easy walk from any central drop off location. If you’re commuting, you can use the Green Line and walk 7 minutes from the Hynes Convention Center stop, or 15 minutes from the Symphony T stop.

Where: 1112 Boylston Street, Boston





So, what brings me to Boston? I’m teaching a yoga and book reading event at one of the aforementioned studios above (any guesses? comment in). Here’s a hint! It’s under events.

Second, it’s the annual Jimmy Fund Walk, and I have a TEAM supporting me this year! I’ll be walking with my entire family and husband, conquering cancer and celebrating 16 years living cancer free.

Are you prepping for an upcoming flight? Bookmark a yoga sequence to take with you. Here’s two of my favorites: Yoga On The Airplane or 3 Min Yoga to Do During A Layover.

I’ll be venturing city to city sharing these Top 10 publications. Comment in below or send me an email, what’s the top yoga studios in your city? I’d love to do a feature on it!

  • Saana
    Posted at 16:50h, 12 September Reply

    Totally agree on #1 but why is Baptiste Yoga Studio missing from your list? It is located in Brookline Village and offer some of the best vinyasa classes in the city. Hint: Brandon

    • Sara Quiriconi
      Posted at 11:06h, 13 September Reply

      No doubt, there are many great studios in Boston! Hard to cap it at 10. Thanks for sharing the add on of Baptiste!

  • Cheryl Bentsen
    Posted at 08:36h, 14 September Reply

    A wonderful list. Boston may be the top USA city for yoga.. Difficult to pick just ten. Unlisted Baptiste Studio was the mother ship for many of the first crop of great yoga teachers, some of whom are now at Down Under. But Baptiste and Patricia Walden, in various locations, including a church in Cambridge, sparked the fire for many of us who teach. Jennifer Harvey’s Laughing Dog, in Wellesley, remains one of the most long-lived and beloved of studios. Thank you, Sara, for posting the list, stoking memories and inspiration to try the newer studios.

    • Sara Quiriconi
      Posted at 13:06h, 15 September Reply

      Thanks for writing in, Cheryl, and I appreciate your opinion, and insight! And, a kind way to share it too. For sure, there were so many to choose from, and there was no reason why any one was particularly left off. The selection was based on experience, polling, writer input and reach. So many wonderful studios to choose from in Boston, I had nostalgia creating this list as well.

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