Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

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I’ve partnered with Dafi high-quality home beverage and storage solutions to share seven tips to beat the summer heat, and stay hydrated through the summer months. 

Summer is officially here, warriors! The heat is on, whether you’re here in Florida, somewhere else in the United States, or even the northern part of the world. We have higher temperatures,  sweating throughout the day, and greater perspiration during outdoor activities and workouts.

There are a lot of dangers associated with being dehydrated, hence, the importance to keep your fluid levels up when the heat rises. Did ‘ya ever start to see those white lights and little form of woozy before fainting? This can be one sign of dehydration, in addition to unusual hunger, dry mouth, feeling warmer than usual, dark urine (Ew. We’ll touch on that later.) and feeling thirsty.

Here’s how we can prevent all of that! I’ve partnered with Dafi high-quality home beverage and storage solutions to share seven tips to beat the summer heat, and stay hydrated through the summer months.


Just because it’s a liquid, doesn’t mean it will hydrate you. Coffee, seltzer, sodas (yuck, for many reasons), and even certain teas can act as a diuretic, which means it’s going to dehydrate you.

Now, hold that judgement: I’m a coffee drinker too! However, I will share, I try to balance any cup of coffee I have with at least two cups of water to counter.

To make it count, it’s got to be pure hydro, like the kind from the Dafi Pitcher I have in my home with the alkaline filter inside.


Fruits this time of year are incredible! Who else loves watermelon as much as I do?

Grapes, melons, blueberries, strawberries—these kind of fruits are chock full of hydrating fluids. In addition, you get a heavy dose of all of their healthy fibers, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants from consuming fruits regularly.

These kind of fruits count as liquids too! So, one of the best snacks you can probably have with you is some fresh, pre-cut fruit in an air-tight container to pop the top off and GO anywhere you need some nourishment.


I am not planning to stop my workouts just because summertime is here, and I doubt you wellness warriors are either. It’s a LIFESTYLE, not a diet, amigos!

With that being said, we need to up our water bottle miles. Have you checked out the Dafi Sport bottle that comes free with the pitcher purchase? Ellipticals, treadmills, weights, outdoor tennis, football, yoga, or whatever movement fits your flow, you’re going to sweat more than usual with the higher temperatures and longer days (hello, summer solstice!).

You know you’re going to be sweating at the gym, getting your heart-rate up, living your #sweatlife and keeping active, moving through anything. Any athlete, of any level, and any warrior, knows the importance of replacing lost fluids when sweating. Having a bottle with you at all times makes it excuse-proof to drinking more H2O, because, this brings me to Tip Number 4…


This may sound counter-intuitive, but waiting until you actually *feel* thirsty means you’ve gone too long and are already dehydrated.

For that reason, it’s why it’s a better idea to drink water slowly throughout the day, before getting that dry feeling on your tongue that leaves you feeling like you’re stranded, seeing illusions in the Mohave Desert.

Check out these additional tips from a previous Dafi post on ways to drink more water daily, to prevent this from happening.


@livefreewarrior did you just say what I think you did?”

Yep. I certainly did.

Your pee has a color spectrum, one that goes from a light, pale, almost white color to something like a dark, burnt yellow. Remember crayons growing up as a kid, the big box with 72 different colors to choose from? Think back to remember the yellows. You want the yellow that’s closest to the Easter Yellow one.

If you’re in the dark territory, that means you’re dehydrated, and it’s time to head to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of alkaline water and drink up! Empty glass, and repeat.


When people ask me how they can make yoga a daily habit, I always suggest they leave a mat out in plain sight so they can’t miss it. Literally, leave it where you’ll trip on it. It will be a reminder to you that can visually scream, “HEY! YOGI IN TRAINING! Get on me now and let’s flow!”

Stay hydrated and drinking more water can be just the same. Leave a Water Jug out on the counter where you can see it on your walking path. Have a glass with your name on it on the kitchen counter. Have a water bottle with you at work on your desk, drinking it throughout the day.

These visual “cues” will remind you that there’s no slacking on the H2O! And, there’s no reason to.


As good as it is for you, water can appear “boring” after a while to some of us. Get creative with your tastebuds and infuse some fruit or herbal flavor to it to make it more enticing!

I did a post and a video on some recipes in the past featuring three infused water recipes to try using the Dafi water systems. What are some of your favorite fruit flavors to add in?

Want more Dafi Travel inspiration? Check out the video below for a full clip on 7 Tips to Stay Hydrated in the summertime.

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