Tips to Find The Best Sports Bra For YOU! { Review} - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Tips to Find The Best Sports Bra For YOU! { Review}

For the full sports bra review featuring all of the bras in this video, head to

This is Sara Quiriconi, @livefreewarrrior, fitness and healthy travel expert. I’ve partnered with YogaOutlet to share with you 5 Tips to Help You Pick Out the PERFECT Sports Bra in this upcoming video and blog below.

Now, finding the perfect sports bra does require a little bit of individuality, because what fits me isn’t exactly going to fit you, at home, just the same. However, these five easy to remember tips are going to help guide you there.

 1. FIT

Get clear on the fit. Do you want a bra that has thin straps? Maybe something thicker to pad your shoulders? Do you prefer a drop v-neck, or perhaps a high scoop-neck coverage? What kind of back-enclosure do you want? Clasps, ties, flat, stretchy spandex?

Further, some, not all, sports bras have an internal shelf bra, which can be beneficial and you don’t need additional cups for the inside. While others find it annoying! It’s a personal preference based on your shape and really what you like in a cut.


Consider the fabric. Do you want something that is uber soft, like a pima or cotton blend? Do you want a 4-way stretch? Then seek out a spandex, nylon or elastic blend. If you know you’ll be getting super sweaty, then be sure to select a breathable fabric (mesh can be great too for details), that will wick sweat and let your skin breath as well.

It’s incredibly easy to find what fabric each bra is made of. When you’re scrolling the feed on and you click on the bra you’re intrigued by, simply scroll down to the middle of the page and you’ll find all the specs and exactly what the bra fabric is made of. Easy as that!


Speaking of fabric, the feel is everything when it comes to clothing! When you’ll be moving in this bra, what are you seeking? Do you want an inner mesh on the bra cups to touch your skin first? Do you want that inner shelf bra, or prefer without? How about the back: is it criss-crossed with straps or wide open and free? Possibly there’s a little peep hole on the side, like the one I’m wearing in this pic!

All of these questions and things to consider when seeking the perfect feel of the bra.


What’s the function of this bra for you? Are you picking something out that you need for running as well? Or, for a pilates practice? Is this for straight-up yoga? And, is that practice in a studio, or at home? Maybe this a sports bra you want to wear to the yoga studio, to the coffee shop, then for running errands in, and then home to make dinner?

How you’ll be using this bra will greatly impact what you’re seeking for the first three tips, including the fit, fabric AND feel.

5. FUN

What you wear impacts how you feel, inside and out! So having a bra that reflects your favorite color, your ideal fit, or has a wrap around tie that makes you feel super luxurious and sexy—these little details matter when it comes to enjoying your new purchase.

Lastly, if you’re typically a plain-Jane (like myself) picking the same color and kind of sports bra, mix it up and goes for something fresh to spice up your entire wardrobe!

For the full sports bra review featuring all of the bras in this video, head to

In the end, sports bra styles will come and go, but using these tools listed above—FIT, FABRIC, FEEL, FUNCTION AND FUN—can help you select the perfect bra for your current need, and leave you feeling GREAT about your new purchase!

Until next time, follow mat @livefreewarrior and for more healthy travel tips and wellness inspiration, warriors!

All the bras I’m wearing in this video can be found using the links below on

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