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Tips to Care For Your Skin When Traveling

Skincare tips to keep your skin balanced and hydrated while traveling. Testing out the DuCalm Skincare line on my recent trip to New England and Mexico. 

Five flights, five states, two counties, moving coast to coast—this past week, my body, passport and skin have been through a lot of environmental changes. I’ve gone from Miami to New England to visit family and celebrate my 15 years being cancer-free, back to Miami for a day, then on the next plane heading to Mexico City and it’s surrounding states for work, medical tourism, filming, writing, and exploring.

This time of year (October and the fall season), the air begins to dry in New England and the temperatures in North America cool. That also means the humidity drops (even in Miami), and my skin goes from dry to parched like a dessert. It doesn’t look good, and certainly those conditions are healthy for the balance of my skin.

I’m not stopping my travels any time soon, so there are certain precautions I take into consideration when I know I’ll be boarding a plane or crossing into multiple different climate zones. I’ve partnered with DuCalm Skincare to share some tips to help your skin stay even, balanced and moisturized during your next adventure, and why less really is more when it comes to skincare.

Why did I fall in love with the DuCalm brand after one call and interview with the founder, Danielle Pitts? Th entire line revolves around the idea of protecting the skin’s moisture barrier, that protective layer that naturally fights infection and disease when properly cared for. Danielle created this entire line of products to enhance the skin’s natural process, without over cleansing, drying, or destroying that delicate barrier, while designing their sizes and packaging with the on-the-go person in mind.

This traveling fitness creative was intrigued, and eager to give it a try!


Planning ahead is your best defense when it comes to prepping your skin for traveling. Packed in my carry-on bag was the DuCalm Active Recovery Kit™*, which includes a variety of three balms, two facial wipes and a lip balm in a zipper tote. I adore and appreciate anything that’s travel size, for space, convenience, and freeing up weight to get around faster with less baggage.


I always bring along a refillable water bottle that I can fill up and carry with me to maintain a proper level of hydration. Once I pass TSA, Miami International Airport has multiple locations throughout each terminal to refill your bottle using the touch-less fountains recently added. Then again stopping in the Admiral’s Lounge for a fruit-fruit-flavored refill, and one more time while on the flight kindly asking the attendant to offer me two cups of water, no ice.

Sometimes the attendant will fill my entire bottle with water when I ask, but that usually depends on the amount of water they have and how full the flight is. This time, I didn’t push my luck and stuck with the two cups.


Before even getting on the plane, I am lotion and lathered up with body moisturizer for my skin and face. The lounges typically have lotion in the bathrooms, so I was good there. However, for my face, the cool, soothing feeling of the DuCalm Multitastic™ Barrier felt like a splash of fresh water on my skin. Really, this easy to tote facial moisturizer is a new ritual for me pre-flight (and during, and post—keep reading!).


Drink all that water you brought with you and requested! Pass on any sodas or alcohol, opting for plain, hydrating H2O. Say “no thank” to the cookies, pretzels or cooked foods that are offered, and (back to planning ahead TSA-approved healthy snacks) eat hand-ready fruits, nuts, or other light and hydrating foods to hold you over until you land. See related video, Top TSA Approved Healthy Snacks

I stocked up on fruits from the Admirals Lounge, however, you can just as easily bring the same array of fruits from your home in a baggies prior to boarding. Check with you airport of departure to be sure bringing fruit through is verified OK with TSA. In Miami, I know it’s no problem, along with New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hartford airports.


S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Move your body when possible, in your chair, but also getting up to move during the flight. Moving the fascial web that connects your body is crucial to maintaining flexibility and muscle health, and can help prevent in injuries from stress that your body endures when traveling and sitting for long hours. See Stretches to Do on An Airplane Video. 


During one of those trips to the bathroom, I brought along the DuCalm kit, and without even needing water, I give a quick wipe to my face (and any other area of my body that may need a refresh) using the Walk Out Clean Shower Wipe, Multitastic™ Lip Balm for my lips and body balm for my exposed hands, neck and ankles (oops, pack higher socks next time!).

These wipes came in extra handy during my flight from Miami to Mexico City because, luck would have it, one of the bathrooms had a clogged sink, leaving no water for use in one of the bathrooms. Such a bummer, and gross, typically—unless you happen to have your own wipes in tow! Score one for the gringa 🙂


Landed in Mexico City, this destination is not a beach, for those who have never visited. Mexico City has high pollution levels, mountain elevation, and incredibly dry air. My skin usually gets super irritated and red whenever I spend an extended duration of time here.

This time around, I tried using the DuCalm kit later once we landed and grounded in our hotel in the hills of Santa Fe. First step, cleanse, using the Multitastic™ Cleanser with calming and clearing ingredients. A splash of water on my face, roll on the cleansing balm, a few circles on my face using my hands and then rinse. That easy, no tubes, no mess. After, I applied the moisturizer, once again, creating that cooling protective shield making small circles on my T-zone and cheeks.

*There’s a full list of ingredient descriptions below, if you’re interested to read on more details.

My mistake in the past maybe has been over cleansing my skin once I land. Your face always feels so gross after flight, my inclination is always to cleanse. However, that can strip my skin of any moisture that may be left, leaving it dryer than I started.

Oops. Living and learning.


Hydrate and stretch, once again. For the same reasons you need to en-flight, you need to repeat those steps once you land. And, if you’re staying in a location that has dryer air or higher levels of pollution, such as Mexico City, keep that routine up day in and day out to continue protecting the moisture balance of your skin.


How did my experience using DuCalm go? So far, I have the best looking skin I’ve had in the past week since leaving on my first flight to head north to Connecticut. It’s evening out, my skin is far less red than it usually is, and I have fewer breakouts than I’ve experienced in the past from repetitive use with less cleansing and over-drying.

With DuCalm, less really is more when it comes to skincare. Have an upcoming travel? Or just need a travel kit to care for your skin during your workouts? I’d recommend giving DuCalm a try, and see how natural skincare with no additives or drying ingredients work for you, putting your best face forward.

Ducalm only use the purest ingredients in their sticks, and every ingredient is there because it does something amazing to your skin, no additives, no fluff, nothing unnecessary, just clean skincare.

  • Details on the full Actives Recovery Kit listed here:
  • The Multitastic™ Balm is the brand’s go-to moisturizer that calms redness, tones skin and adds a sexy glow after working out or your morning shower.
  • The Multitastic™ Cleanser leaves your skin soft and supple, and contains calming ingredients.
  • The Multitastic™ Barrier creates a protective shield with the use of Hyaluronic acid, calming botanicals, humectants and emollients, and feels cool as it glides onto your skin.
  • The Nutrient Lip Balm is a simple, natural lip balm that’s lasting, wears non-greasy, and is sure to be an instant favorite for women and men.
  • The super large, “don’t leave home without me,” head-to-toe Walk Out Clean Body Cleansing Cloth promises to “not add” in the case of smells and sweat, and is the perfect pre- or après companion for a workout, paddle, ski, run, hike or nightstand (*wink wink*). Sold separately or in a box of 12.
  • Actives Recovery™ Kit contains (1) Multitastic™ Balm, (1) Multitastic™ Barrier, (1) Multitastic™ Cleanser, (1) Nutrient Lip Balm and (2) Walk Out Clean Body Cleansing Cloths. (2-month supply)
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