The Creative Pursuit: Pushing past adversity and critique - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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The Creative Pursuit: Pushing past adversity and critique

“As creatives, we need to keep doing the mental equivalent of setting sail for distant land. This takes courage, not the sort that braves atlantic storms but the sort that braves storms of scorn and defense, insular thinking.” — Tham Khai Meng

Thinking different, creating your own path, exploring a life or world unfamiliar or unknown for many, is bound to raise eyebrows, attract questions, and create waves. Why? It threatens peoples comfort and current beliefs that have been created around a falsified safety net of security, like being wrapped in bubble wrap thinking you will never get hurt in life. The strength to pursue forward comes from the inside, bubbling with passion, purpose and courage to thrive. To express what needs to be share, be it visual, musical, movement-based, or whatever creative passion that runs in your veins.

One thing I learned quickly, and am so thankful for, from my previous career in the creative fields of design and advertising is the challenge of handling critique, a stern eye, and the pursuit of thinking different, efficient, emotional, and fresh. That form of thinking still runs deep in my blood and colorful mind, which is why I never stop at what is, continue to push new outlets and boundaries, learn from past mistakes, be not afraid to take new steps to try, and grateful for the ever-evolving learner process that is life.

For art is never finished, always a work in progress (in yoga, we say “practice” for a reason).

Monday Motivation: Try. Just try. Something new or different that explores a different outlet. A new way home. A different cafe for lunch. Write with your other hand for a minute. Or do something you haven’t done in a LONG time, but used to enjoy (run at night, kick a soccer ball around, make dinner—even if it’s just for YOU!). ENJOY the process of life. It’s truly wonderful.

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