The Best Advice I'd Give My Younger Self - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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The Best Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

Going back in time, these are the words and advice I’d give to my younger self. With life experience, foresight of the future, and knowledge from experience, inspiring and supporting the young Live Free Warrior who was yet to be born. 

Dear Younger Sara,

The friends you think you have now: some you’ll keep, most will disappear. Keep the ones who were there for you, when you were just being “YOU”. You don’t need a lot of friends, just a select few good ones. Quality over quantity.

On trying to fit in? You never will — and that will be one of your greatest assets as you develop into passions, careers and life goals. #OwnYourWeird will become your power phrase, and unique speciality.

The struggles you’re going through now as a teenager, and the lessons you are learning? They really suck right now, but will help you to deal with life’s greater struggles in the future.

Sports, they matter now, and movement will always be a crucial part of your well-being and life — so, keep your focus on what leaves you feeling good.

The weight you are aiming to achieve? The more you obsess over it, the furthest you’ll get away from true health. A healthy relationship with food has nothing to do with the amount of macros, fat grams, or caloric value. Food is energy, not the enemy.

On that topic, the calories you’re counting, and cutting back on at each meal? It won’t solve any of the deeper emotions or feelings. The control in life you’re seeking won’t come from food, and it probably won’t come at all — because life isn’t about being in control, it’s about learning to ride the waves it presents you with. You are worth SO much more than a number, on a scale, and the calories on a plate.

“You won’t know it in a few years, but you will have cancer. This will suck.”

You will love, again, and again. Make friends from old loves, learn what you liked and didn’t like about him or her, to find the true love you want to have around for a lifetime.

Love, and life, won’t be easy. It’s not supposed to be, but it is designed to be REAL, emotional, full of feeling, allowing the FUN to out-weight the negative. And when the right one comes along for a lifetime, you will know in your heart he’s “the one” and never let him go, cherishing the moments you have together.

Sexuality isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s beautiful. Learn to respect your self, and offer that beauty only to those who truly deserve it.

At 15, you don’t have it all figured out like you think. And, at 35? You still won’t have it all figured out. Stop trying, and just keep living and learning in each day.

You won’t know it in a few years, but you will have cancer. This will suck. But, this experience will remind you for the rest of your life, every day, that living, your health, life experiences, and being your weird little self are what really matters and is worth it in this world.

The teeth you knocked out a few years ago? Oops. Mom was right about not getting a trampoline. This will hurt, and be expensive, for many years later in your life. Listen better to Mom, she’s right once in a while…or most of the time.

The party you weren’t able to go to because Mom and Dad wouldn’t let you? No one will care years from now, and you will have so many better opportunities to party in the upcoming years — and with way better alcohol choices you actually like.

Your parents, they may come across as controlling. They’re not, they just care. And your immediate family will be the three little birds that are there for each fall, and rise, along your crazy path of life. Be thankful for them.


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“Life doesn’t have room for perfection.”

“Enough” is an empty word that is meaningless if you keep chasing it. The only person who can tell you you are enough is YOU — no one else can decide that for you.

At 16 or 17, you don’t need to have your entire career or life mapped out. You will change jobs, careers, and even homes many, many times in your life, elevating and learning from each step and leap along the way.

And lastly, perfection? Stop wasting your precious, youthful, beautiful energy trying to achieve it. Because life, this thing we’re all here collectively on this planet doing the same, each and every day? LIFE DOESN’T HAVE ROOM FOR PERFECTION, and being imperfect is the closest you’ll ever get to perfection on this planet and in this beautiful, blessed life of yours.

You will forever fit in nowhere, yet everywhere. This is a part of what drives you to travel, learn from the world, and have the creative ability to share it through stories to inspire the world in your future dream career.

So now, it’s time, to go out, and be YOU. Shine. Be proud. Create. Explore. Share. Embrace love. Learn from the down moments. Never stop fighting, or settle for less.

True freedom lies in choice, and in each and every moment, you have at least two choices. So, opportunity is abundant and available to you.

Be you. Be wild. Be FREE.

Many of the quotes, theories and phrases were borrowed and inspired by the book “Living Cancer Free” the auto-biography and workbook created, designed and written by Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior. 

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