Taking a Social Media Break and Child's Pose – Here's How It Went - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Taking a Social Media Break and Child’s Pose – Here’s How It Went

Why I took a pause and social media break from instagram over the weekend and how I felt after doing so.

Sometimes we just need a pause from the world of social media to step back, refresh, find out why, and then leap deeper back into the cause of creating and sharing with the world open to read and listen.

I’m fresh back from Cap Cana, Punta Cana and it was an intense four days of filming, instagramming and capturing.

Now, before you unsubscribe and start throwing hate emails my way (“Poor Sara! Traveling, filming and her office is a beautiful beach in the Caribbean! Wah!” HEAR. ME. OUT.

Content creation and social media sharing can be intense, so much that instagram is now starting to hide likes this upcoming week for the mental health of its younger users.

Eek. So, coming back from this trip, I decided to take a social media chid’s pose. 

And, so far, it’s been incredible. I haven’t posted on the feed, shared a story of my daily workout or lunch, responded to some DMs, and paused editing ads and outreach to new connections.

What you consider to be a pause from social media is an individual choice. I’ve asked others how long they’ve taken a break from, and its ranged anywhere from a few hours, to three days, to a full few months.

Personally, I needed a long weekend of three days to do so. Giving myself Friday through Sunday to take a step back off the platform, moving the app from the homepage of my iPhone to a lesser-seen folder.

What I’ve gained has been so much more than 20+ followers and few extra likes and engagement. 

I’ve been more creative in video content I’ve been working on, being able to get back to my bi-weekly video shares. I’ve jumped back into writing these newsletters and emails, which offers a deeper insight to Live Free lifestyle and inspiration for you. I’ve been able to plan out the details for an upcoming speaking event on Travel Wellness in the Caribbean next May, which I’m fortunate to take a lead role in creating.

The best of all? I’m enjoying my workouts, meals, time with my husband, mornings sipping coffee and reading articles, and prepping my dinners — without multi-tasking to photography, hashtag and swipe-up to share it. 

Personal engagement has been my ROI. Creative LOVE (not like, love) has outpoured from my heart again. The real FOLLOW is in each and every action I’m focused on. And, the hashtag of choice is #PutYourSelfFirst

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY has been a motto of mine, and Live Free, for a long time now. While I am ready to jump back into posting and sharing again on Instagram this upcoming week, I feel the focus now will be more in the quality of the content over the quantity, keeping a deeper focus on the video content I’ll be sharing on wellness travel and conscious living.

Thank YOU for being along for the journey, absorbing, sharing and requesting the knowledge from these lessons of life as we travel, live and share!


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Have you taken a pause from social media? If so, how did it go for you? If not, have you ever struggled to “keep up” with social demands and balancing life? Comment in below, would love to hear your experiences on this subject. 

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