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Super Greens Colada Smoothie

A tropical blend of fruits and superfoods, this smoothie is ideal for a morning breakfast on the go or pre-workout.

Who said coladas are only for the tropics? This superfood blend of greens, fruits and sweet touch of coconut will bring you back to summer time vibes. The balance of spirulina and wheatgrass are a perfect balance for the added fruits and healthy does to give your immunity and energy high.


“Wheatgrass powder contains chlorophyll which is very similar to hemoglobin, the substance in human blood that helps carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The body can easily transform chlorophyll into hemoglobin – thus increasing the body’s red blood cell count and its capacity to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to all our cells. Chlorophyll has also been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, help normalize blood pressure, promote a higher metabolism and weight loss, help alkalize and energize the body, and help protect against harmful carcinogens.

“Wheatgrass is a very powerful cleanser and detoxifier. Its high amounts of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, and saponin are very effective at neutralizing free radicals and cleansing the entire body – specifically the blood, organs like the liver, lymphatic system, and gastrointestinal tract.

“Wheatgrass reportedly has about 100 different nutritional elements and is considered a ‘complete food’ for this reason. It’s extremely high in 19 different amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein), contains several essential live enzymes, and offers over 90 known minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium (the most alkalizing minerals).” (information from


“Our Spirulina is a unique and superior strain with the highest nutritional content in the world. It is all-natural, non-GMO, and is the only Spirulina cultured in a Biosecure Zone free of herbicides and pesticides. Our Spirulina thrives in ponds fed with 100% potable water from deep ocean water drawn from 2000 feet below the surface. Spirulina is a microscopic single-celled algae that has the appearance under a microscope of a spiral strand, hence Spirulina.

“During the early evolution of life on this planet, one of the first organisms created was algae. This food has been present on earth for over 3.5 billion years. Spirulina is high in chlorophyll, plant blood which has magnesium as its central atom and gives plants their dark green color. Human blood has iron as its central atom, which aside from that, they have basically the same chemistry and can readily repair tissues, strengthen immunity, boost energy, support cellular health, cardiovascular health and eye function.

“Spirulina is 60-70% protein by weight (highest known concentration of any food source) and is an amazing source of complete protein. It has 3100 times more beta carotene than carrots, 5500 times the iron of spinach, 600 times more protein than tofu and 280 times the antioxidants of blueberries. It’s also the best source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid necessary for a healthy nervous system.

“NASA conducted studies on Spirulina as a potential food for space travel and found that 1 kilogram of spirulina is equal to in nutrient content to 1000 kilograms of assorted vegetables. It also provided the primary protein requirements for millions of people in Mexico City for an estimated 5,000 years!” (information from




  1. Add in coconut milk to the high-speed blender first.
  2. Then, add in fruits, nectar, powders.
  3. Blend on high thoroughly.
  4. Pour, and top with chopped coconut chips for a sweet crunch.


Don’t have coconut nectar? You can swap it out for maple syrup, or other natural sweetener.

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