Sticking To My Health Routine When Traveling - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Sticking To My Health Routine When Traveling

Before living in Los Angeles, I lived in Miami for seven years. Back in the day when I used to teach yoga, waking up for some of the earlier morning classes or driving to privates sessions, and seeing some of the people coming back from partying at 5:45am I remember thinking. “uff, I remember that lifestyle” shaking my head.

Yes, I have a partying past that has now been replaced by the lifestyle of one dedicated towards one’s health and well-being, it’s something that comes with me everywhere — just like my athletic shoes. No matter where I am in the world, my healthy lifestyle travels with me.

Here are the top ways I stay healthy when traveling for production, Acting, speaking, or simply for restoration and creative inspiration.


Wake up at five, 2 cups of water, meditation, coffee, play in the day, movement, eat, clean throughout the day, reflect on the day, wine, downtime, restore, and sleep well. That’s the routine that comes and goes anywhere I do.

How’s that so? Because it’s a lifestyle, not an at home health routine or a diet. It’s a lifestyle, and therefore travels everywhere I/we do. Knowing that in advance, I pretty much will pack and plan the same thing that I do at home in Los Angeles. I’ll have the water and lemon sourced for the hotel room, I’ve got the running shorts, shirt and sports bra readily folded next to my running shoes, I’ll know what routine I’m going to be doing, my meditation is the same daily, I’ve already mapped out where I’ll exercise (more on this in the next paragraph), and have the morning wake-up and bedtime scheduled in to the local time zone.

If you’re not someone who has the same meditation and workout routine, I get it. If that’s the case, try planning ahead the meditation video, audio clip, try an app like Calm and have your workout video or gym routine planned ahead. Excuse-proof your routine with the magic ingredient: planning ahead.


Most hotels these days will have gyms, or some affiliation with a nearby fitness spot, like my friends in Mexico City, Volga Hotel. That’s always an option, especially if the weather is not cooperating or it’s just plain too cold for this warm-weathered lovely.

Other options — my personal fan favorite of choice — running outside, TONS of walking around cities, doing some core movement exercises and my own practice of yoga. There’s a plentitude of all of these found over on LiveFreeTV you can do too.


One of my favorite ways to learn about a location is to visit the food markets. Indoor and outdoor markets fascinate me, seeing what is nearby, blended cuisines, languages and measurements and ingredients of different fruits and grains and health options.

In addition, I’ll pack my typical go-to foods from home as well, including some nutritional bars, raw nuts, dried oatmeal, ezekiel bread and protein powder. All of these are carry-on friendly and can get across through customs with ease.

Of course, there’s sampling what’s local in the destinations too! I leave some open mind room around trying new foods too that fit the plant-based category remind me that there’s routine and then there’s living the lifestyle in the location. Of the hundreds of countries I’ve visited, I have always found healthy sources of foods to stay nourished off of.


Sleep is everything and I do not compromise when I travel. I have my sleep kit ready to go in my Away Carry-On, which includes: sleep buds, an eye mask, ear plugs as back-up and ashwaganda as back-up. The routine stays the same as above, keeping the bedtime at around 9p local time and I tend to turn off devices and “work-mode” about an hour prior.

This is how I travel and keep my health routine on track no matter where I go. What tips do you include to maintain your healthy travel habits?

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