How I Consistently-Stay Motivated, Liberated and Free Consistently - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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How I Consistently-Stay Motivated, Liberated and Free Consistently

An opinion section written by Sara Quiriconi, @livefreewarrior. Topics include food, well-being, trends, life, travel, personal experiences, and everyday interactions. Remember, opinions are like armpits—everyone has them, most of them stink. However, some don’t. Best intentions, these opinions make you think, and not stink. 

I’m writing this piece coming from New York, New York. A personal journey, respite, or escape to freedom.

I was asked over dinner, “What is liberation? How do you source that every day?” Good question. He’s a very talented journalist, by the way. My answer… after some thought, I replied “I think there are different levels.”

Then, I thought about it some more, during a masked walk to the bathroom. Sara (thinking to myself), “What are those levels? And, what if you could boil it all down to one?”

Challenge, accepted. “Liberation is following the light.”

What is light?

What’s the light? Unraveling that vague, very yogic sounding statement, light is:

  • the apartment that opens up in just the right time for you to snatch it
  • the acting gig you land where the script just screams your name and know it’s yours
  • the loss you experience, then realize it’s better to be alone, healthy and FREE from toxic behaviors
  • the friend that reaches out in the right time to share some rainbow love
  • the complimentary night stay in a hotel where you can film all you needed to
  • the other friend who picks up your call to talk you off a mental cliff, whom you then connecting for an hour on to talk her through some thoughts too
  • the job opportunity that covers your rent for the next three months, to free your mind for other issues in life that needs taking care of
  • the cancer diagnosis that ends up being a gift for the rest of your life, teaching your to never settle, try all you can in life, change what you cannot accept, to value experiences over things, and that you have the power to choose any life you desire to live… @livingcancerfree taps directly into this manifesto


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Light will guide you to the highest path for yourself, when we cease and desist, release the resistance, non-conform and unf*k our minds to the perfect rules that are ingrained in our own beliefs to keep us “safe” — liberation doesn’t come from safety, it’s comes from self trust.

Long answer for a little question? Hahaha, yep, that’s Sara. Now, get out there and LIVE FREE and liberated this weekend, warriors!

P.S. In love with my haircut! New York, New York, you’re the epitome city of RESILIENCE!

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