Rejection As Redirection and How To Manage It - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Rejection As Redirection and How To Manage It

“A fresh start isn’t a new place; it’s a new mindset.”

The acting audition process goes a little like this:

You receive a notification saying that a casting Director or production team is interested in your look or your potential talent to play character and their upcoming project. You then receive the script to download and prepare to do your absolute best. You’ll then create you’re self tape, with any small edits to the original before you upload and send!

From that point forward, you may or may not hear anything from anyone regarding that role again.

As an actor, there is a ton of rejection. Fortunately, the rejection I learned to deal with early on, and my creative career has helped me tremendously to build resilience towards what can be perceived rejection. They are an act or not, it’s important to understand how to Manage the emotions that come along with rejection. After all, we’re all human and want to be excepted and acknowledged. However, what if we saw rejection as redirection, knowing something better was to come? Let’s dive in.

In short, like many artists, I face a LOT of rejection as an actor.

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I’ve personally been able to embrace rejection — not always, but a learned practice — as a path towards my personal growth. In letting go of the original goal or expectation, the outcome has transcribed into better successes than I ever could have imagined.

For example, when I was laid off in advertising, I then found yoga. The discovery of yoga helped me to personally heal the torrential split between my mind and my body. While I have left teaching yoga quite some time ago, I still practice daily and it creates a rhythm, a flow, and an ease of coming home to my heart each and every time I breathe or hit the mat.

Having a calm demeanor towards challenges and potential perceived struggles in my career as an actor and producer his key to staying on the same energy frequency, allowing for abundance and growth to occur. When I’m ready to receive it, the universe always provides for me.


When it comes to building a positive mindset, this isn’t something that happens overnight. However, like a muscle, it can grow with use overtime. The greatest tool to prevent an action to a reaction is to create a pause between the occurring incident into what your initial gut instinct tells you to do. That little gap of space in between can give you the time to pause, breathe, reflect, then plan in more positive outsource of action. Often times, what we initially were going to do would be based off of emotion only, rather than more positive strategy to reach a more desired outcome in the short and long-term.


Where focus goes, your energy flows. When I’m feeling like energy is stuck with me, movement has always been a powerful source to release it from my body. There are loads of resources and studies that have been conducted to prove that the body keeps score of stresses or traumas, and can develop into diseases, illnesses, pains and ailments of all sorts.

When we can remove that negative energy from the body through a positive course of action, such as yoga or running, it allows for the body to be a vessel in the mind to choose its thoughts rather than be played by them. Running, yoga and walking have always been very powerful tools for me to release energy that feels stuck or in a lower vibration. No matter the time of day, all three of these are fairly accessible.

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Reflection from the past can be a powerful reinforcer when taking on this new habit of embracing rejection as redirection. Think back to a time where something didn’t go your way. A moment where, rather than fight hard against going upstream, how did it end up turning out to be better where you are today?

This might not always be the case; however, more often than not, when we’re not forcing against what’s not meant to be, we open up the gates to allow more aligned energy and tools. Whatever the case may be, if you can’t do anything about it, and all you’re doing is huffing and puffing and complaining, you’re just pulling your own energy down rather than pulling the energy to build something better. Remember, you were the creator of your own life: BE THE LEAD.

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Whether you’re an actor, an artist, or a human in our big, beautiful world, remember: anytime that rejection feels like the world is against you, remember the world wants to give you everything that your heart truly desires.

Allow it to be your guide, your compass, and trust that if something didn’t happen for you there is something greater meant to be. If that role as a lead actress and the Indie film didn’t get finished, I’m trusting that there’s a union feature with a role that has my name on it around the corner just waiting for me to embody.  I trust and truly believe in this, for that, I’m always winning.

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