Reflections on a Sunday: Turning Sh*t in to Something Greater - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Reflections on a Sunday: Turning Sh*t in to Something Greater

Finding light and space in the dark and stuck #keepitreal

Agree or disagree?

Today was a morning I did not want to get out of bed. This week, has been a week. There have been so many ups and downs with news of job opportunities that didn’t work out, my car getting stuck and stalled in the downpours and flash flooding (and is still out of commission awaiting repairs), a dentist who defined my front tooth root canal replacement as a “difficult case” that would take over a year and $10K worth of fixing or more, neighbors playing piano below us until 10:30p (singing included) and barking dogs all hours, and other neighbors being loud and disrespectful this morning over what used-to-be a quiet Sunday morning.

Perhaps, once again, Javier ( and I are the ones who “fit out” and not in. Maybe all of these misfortunes are guiding us in a different direction or push. What lessons are we taking out of the anger, frustration, voided patience, and much-needed long breaths?

Today, was not an easy morning, with the emotional pull of all of this from the last week. Still, we wake, we rise, and decide we have two options: 1. crawl back in bed and piss about how we feel, playing victims. Or, 2. get up, out, and MOVE because we know we feel stuck temporarily and all of this will shift and change with time and action.

I’m sure you can guess which action we took. And, to be honest, I did a little bit of both. Sometimes I need the cries to get the tears and pain out, something that I kept inside me for too many years in the past instead finding the way to express what I was working through. The point, it’s the light. It’s the choice. And, it’s the decision to make something greater out of the shit cards you’re dealt some times. You learn, get smarter, grow, and move on, leaving the shit behind and rising to higher accomplishments and time.

For now, a relaxing, hopefully, piano- and singing-free evening to restore for a killer week ahead. Killer, because I have no idea what it will bring, but I am ready to rise, fight, and CHOOSE each of these days together for something greater in this world.

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