Raw Cacao Chocolate Pudding Recipe - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Raw Cacao Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Your new go-to desert of choice, this avocado cacao mouse is creamy and decadently rich with flavor and antioxidants.

Move over, desert table, we have a new favorite dish in town—and it’s actually a healthy one.

Remember when we were kids and people were crazy for those pre-packaged pudding packs? Oh, the thought of those today makes me not feeling so good. We’ve come a long way in the health world—thankfully—which is why I absolutely love this take on chocolate mouse for a desert offering!

The avocado offers a creamy, rich flavor and texture, providing all of the benefits we all love about avos. The cacao has the perfect touch of sweet and chocolately-ness that leaves you feeling full and satisfied, thanks to the healthy fats that come with those little green fruits.


“Cacao powder is simply the cacao bean which through a cold-pressed process has had the fat (cacao butter) removed so it easily dissolves in liquid. All bad things commonly associated with non-raw chocolate, such as cavities, weight gain and diabetes are caused by the dairy, sugar and other fillers added to chocolate – so no need to worry about any of that!” (information from HealthyTruth.com)


“Cacao is filled with dietary fiber, iron, calcium, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, and potassium. It also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, PEAs (the chemical our bodies create when we fall in love), and tryptophan (the “feel good” nutrient).

“When in its raw form, the potential benefits of cacao include weight loss, regulation of blood sugar, and benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. It’s the highest whole food source of magnesium (which is deficient in modern diets) and has more antioxidant flavones than blueberries, red wine and green and black teas.” (information from HealthyTruth.com)




  1. Half and de-pit avocado. Place into the high-speed blender.
  2. Add dates (make sure the are de-pitted as well).
  3. Add in the remaining ingredients to blender.
  4. Blend on high until mixed thoroughly.
  5. Spoon into bowl, and serve immediately. Or, refrigerate and eat within 24 hours.


Don’t have coconut nectar? You can swap it out for maple syrup, or other natural sweetener.

Want a double-chocolate dose? Top with some Chocolate Crunch or Mocha Latte Crunch crumbles from HealthyTruth.

Save 10% OFF your order on the superfoods listed in this post from HealthyTruth using the code LIVEFREE at checkout.

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