Quick Exercise Tips To Fix Posture & Neck Pain for Travel and At Home - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Quick Exercise Tips To Fix Posture & Neck Pain for Travel and At Home

Home Office or Airplane Seat Posture got you feeling tired and in pain? These two easy exercises will help you.

Quarantine¬†and working from home? Or, taking that long haul flight and stuck in a seat for more than an hour. We’re humans, and designed to move, not be still!¬†

These two exercises will help you increase your energy, productivity, and mobility, while easing back and neck pain.

THE FLYING W (1 minute)

To Help With Back Posture | Wellness Travel Challenge What if I told you all you need is 1 minute to help relieve your back from pain when you travel? Watch this clip, and find out how. You don’t need anything to do this exercise. Give it a try next time you fly, or are behind a desk or on your phone for too long.

EASE NECK PAIN (1 minute)

Did you know the human head weighs and average of 11 lbs? More surprising, for each inch forward (2.54 cm) your head goes due to posture, it adds another 10 lbs. That really can take a toll on your spinal health, causing headaches, fatigue and some terrible long-term affects on your spine.

Take the challenge, and do this 1 minute exercise every time you’re waiting for the bathroom on the airplane, or each hour during your work day. Your neck, and body, will thank you!

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