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About This Project

Exploring new places always excite me, especially when there’s a new passport stamp on the horizon. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain for a week long production where I was actually behind the camera this time.


Always mixing play with work, I enjoyed the moments between to explore, sip, walk, taste, and simply the adventure to travel. Sharing with you “Moments in Madrid” featuring some of my favorite pics, 360 photos, and vistas from my travels.

Getting to Madrid

FLY. Heading from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD), there are quite a few different paths you can take. A direct flight there takes about a 9 hour flight. Our journey? It was an adventure getting there for sure!


With two connecting flights (Miami to JFK New York, JFK to London Heathrow, London to Madrid), the irony that we missed both of those was pretty much a yoga practice in it-self. But, that’s the beauty of travel! There’s a lot you can’t control, and you learn to go with the flow, or get angry and you still have missed your flight and need to rebook.


Luckily, the direct flight home was smooth sailing and with over 10 hours in the air, we had plenty of opportunities to stretch, move, and “yoga” throughout the cabin.

TIPS. Check the weather ahead of time when you’re packing. While it was mid 80’s in Miami, it actually snowed (abnormally) while we were in Madrid. And, the flights are always colder than we prepare for.


Also, give your self plenty of time between connecting flights. 50 minutes was way too short for us stopping off in JFK New York Airport (which is known for delays).

Rest and Restore

GRAN VIA CAPITAL. Right in the center of Madrid, the Gran Via Capital is within walking distance to the subway, public transportation, markets, shops, and plenty of options for cafes and restaurants. An apartment style stay, we fortunately had access to all the comforts of home to make our stay abroad easy, relaxing, and like a home within seconds of unpacking. Even better, the pricing per night was cheaper than most hotels in the area, making food and stay a double savings. Grab your smartphone and check out the 360 experience below!

Gran Via Capital. C/ Gran Vía, 48 28013 Madrid, España.


EL RETIRO. Parque del Buen Retiro, literally “Park of the Pleasant Retreat”, or simply El Retiro) is a breath of fresh air and space to the populated city of Madrid. Coming from New England, El Retiro is to Madrid like Central Park is to New York City. Recommended by many to visit, there are endless spots and moments sit, take in nature, meditate, or be inspired.


The park is a museum in itself, with miles (or kilometers) of pathways to walk and stretch your legs, fountains to admire, and tons of people watching (if that’s your kind of thing). Top picks were the Galapagos Fountain, what was once a greenhouse for tropical plants now turned Glass House Exhibition, and a photo opp with Kermit the frog.


FABORIT FRESH BAR. Post stroll in El Retiro, I was ready for a refuel. When touring Spain, there are plenty of cafes with authentic flautas, bocadillas, and other native grab-n-go snacks that have been in the Spanish lifestyle for centuries. Things, I know, my stomach cannot handle, especially when I was craving some healthier options packed with Vitamin C.


Insert Faborit Fresh Bar, a healthy, clean, fresh offering for salad/chia/juice/coffee loving beings like me! Chia puddings and fruit were offered as a quick takeout, and their salad offerings looked fresh and plentiful. My Vitamin C dessert? Vitamin cafe! The coffee in Spain is incredibly good, and I couldn’t pass this one up.


PRODUCTION. Work and a bit of play, here’s where we spent most of our time in Madrid, Spain — behind the cameras of a green screen studio working on the production of Los Pica Pica! It’s an intelligently creative and informative kid’s show featuring three main characters educating kid viewers on topics such as caring for your pets, eating healthy, being a good friend, safety at the beach, and staying fit with fitness. Originally for DVDs and Live Shows in the Spanish and Latin Market, it’s soon to be a TV show as well! All in all, a lovely message for kids, and a really fun group to work with. Grab your smartphone and check out the 360 experience below!

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