Bawah Reserve - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Media Coverage, Photography
About This Project

CLIENT: Bawah Reserve


GOAL: Bawah Reserve is a luxury, sustainable hotel in Indonesia featuring 2 resorts, 6 islands, and 13 beaches. Your own private island paradise found off the shores of Singapore and Batam. Live Free Media served as an advisor and consultant for their newly launched well-being program, catering to the growing demand of unique wellness offerings to position Bawah and its archipelago as a known destination in Indonesia.


In addition, Live Free Media provided press coverage across various platforms and wellness travel publications, including the Live Free travel review page. Later developing printed pieces of drone and high-quality prints on canvas, extending the audience reach through digital art showcasing the natural beauty and story behind the mission and development of Bawah Reserve.


Live Free Media founder, Sara Quiriconi, currently works with Bawah Reserve’s Anambas Foundation, a program supporting countless communities, improving the lives of villagers and conserving the environment around the Anambas.