Packing for a flight, made healthy (and easy!) - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Packing for a flight, made healthy (and easy!)

What’s for lunch today on American Airlines?

• Steamed Brocolli
• Roasted Kale
• Egg White Omelette
• Topping: Salsa and a spray of Bragg’s Aminos

Snack: 2 slices healthy French toast (video recipe coming soon!), diced cantaloupe, Gala apple, 3 baby clementines

YES! I really pack and eat ALL of this on an airplane! Better than a bag of pretzels, right?

On my most recent trip, I was packing my typical food and snack bag for the week ahead, including my onboard meal. Laughing to my self, I realized that I probably look like a big weirdo eating all of this food on a plane. But, I’m REALLY ok with it! Here’s why:

Eating healthy when you’re traveling doesn’t have to be complicated, but some times it does take a bit of an effort #noexcuses Give your self an extra 15 minutes to prepare some healthy snacks or a small meal the night or morning before your flight, and your body, health and energy levels will thank you when you’re eating a veggie and protein packed meal mid-flight instead of a two sugar-laden cookies and a coke.

And while many will think eating healthy is a more expensive options, it can actually be cheaper! After doing a cost analysis breakdown (yep, I’m a numbers girl), everything you see here on the table actually only cost $5.87 (give or take a lost crumb). 

Hope you’re inspired by this post to take a little extra time and prepare a meal for your next adventure, whether it’s to another country, the next town over, or even your morning commute to work. Your health and nourishment is worth it!

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