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October Favorite Finds: Travel, Wellness, Fitness Products I’m LOVING

Welcome to a new section of my blog titled “Favorite Finds” offering me a chance to share with you some of the top products, services, apps, and finds related to the health, well-being and travel category.

Admittedly, I’m a person who LOVES to try something new, and be able to share that knowledge with readers and viewers so you are in the know as well.

Below, here’s what I’ve come across in the past month for healthy, travel-related products I’m excited to share with you. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more next month with additional “finds” to share with you.


I came across Fawen Soup from a social media share on instagram. Hmm…soup in a tetra-pack container is nothing new to me. However, a soup that I could pack in my checked luggage and take with me for a healthy snack when I land? Now, that intrigued me!

100% Vegan, non-GMO, no added sweeteners (many soups are loaded with added sugars, sodium and preservatives), eco-friendly packaging that’s BPA free, and actually tastes GOOD!

Fawen currently comes in three different flavors, Broccoli & Cauliflower being my favorite. I packed threes of these little 16.9 oz packages with me on a recent trip to Mexico City, and it saved my vegan body on two separate occasions where I didn’t have access to a local grocer or fresh market. While I did choose to reheat the soup, you can reheat, drink it at room temperature, or chilled for accessibility or taste.


If you haven’t read about my love for Aruba already, it’s one of the places in the world I could travel back and forth to on a regular basis and never loose my love. This “One Happy (little, little) Island” captured my heart over 10 years ago when I visited it for the first time, and have followed up with three additional repeat visits after (pssst…that’s a LOT for a girl who doesn’t like to see the same location more than once!).

Modern Map Art reached out to me with this beautifully designed piece featuring Aruba, which sits directly to the left of my bed for sweet dreams of return visits and potentially a future home there. If Aruba isn’t your ideal island, Modern Map Art has hundreds of other locations in the world to choose from, including cities, islands and even your favorite ski mountain, OR input your city or town of choice and create your own piece of travel artwork!


While GoMacro is nothing new to my news feed or radar, Halloween is around the corner and these little bites had me thinking: they’re the perfect “trick or treat” to offer little treaters as a healthy option! Instead of sharing the traditional fake sugar-loaded candy bars, the GoMacro Minis have organic ingredients, natural sugars, plant-based protein, and taste JUST as good as a candy bar (in my opinion) minus the junk.

If you’re not much of the trick or treater type, I also keep one to two of these bars in my bag at all to keep hunger at bay when flying or traveling. I’ve found the minis and larger bars sold both in grocers near me in Miami, now in Target, and of course online. First time online buyers can save 30% and free shipping on orders using the code: GOMACRO.

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid publication dedication to products and finds that I love and want to share, offering greater health and happier travels ahead for you!

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