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NEW YORK CITY | What’s In My Wellness Travel Bag

As a proud ambassador of adidas, all opinions and suggestions are of my own opinion, authority and selection.

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Hear it for New York, New Yooork!” — Alicia Keys

While I may not be a fan of the song, for say, Alicia Keys is undoubtedly an incredibly artist and girl’s got a point — New York can inspire, illuminate and renew one’s soul.

Like many, I’m on a mission this trip to connect with my talent agency, film some fresh content for Warrior University at the Park Terrace Hotel, and maybe have a dinner with my family from Connecticut and another night with a loved one.

Fortunately, on April 1, New York lifted its restrictions, removing their mandatory quarantine and no longer requiring proof of a negative COVID test to enter from a domestic state. Still being diligent and careful, this did allow me the opportunity to pop up and back with a shorter stay and with a bit more ease.

Fitness, relaxed lifestyle, sleep attire and travel casual were the requirements. Well-being always a top priority, here’s what I packed in my wellness travel bag as I headed off to New York City for inspiration, illumination and renewal (or, in other words, to film, create and see family):


First noting where I’m staying, the Park Terrace Hotel has been a home away from home for a long time now for me. A bit biased, as I am the “Face of Fitness” for their hotel (turn their TV on you’ll find you Warriors featured wellbeing and travel content), I still would choose the Park Terrace over other hotels for its cleanliness, location in the center overlooking Bryant Park (and a hope away from a Whole Foods), incredibly quiet rooms that you’d never guess you were in the heart of a city with your eyes closed, and it’s fully equipped gym, featuring a Peloton. Which brings me to my first actual item I’m packing…


If you know anything about me, you know I’m resilient, I love coffee and adore hoodies. Partnering with Peloton for this gender neutral line of attire, I love the versatile and layering possibilities with the adidas x Peloton Hoodie. My favorite is the Crew Navy color for a pop of blue to layer up or down, weather-pending.


I was going to wait until the next model came out for these, but I am SO glad I didn’t and went for the buy. Wireless, fits with comfort in my ears, small and less visible than a previous earbud I’ve used in past and has impressive Bluetooth distance capability and sound.


From their female empowered “Strong is Beautiful” line, this carrying case was a very welcomed addition to my keychain. I can clip it on an off, keep my AirPods safe in its soft-touch silicone, and can take some bumps and dings that I’m prone to accidentally inflicting on my tech gear. #human


April in New England, you get 70’s one day and then 40’s the following. You never know this time of year in New York — you can the heat of summer or the chill of winter, so best to plan ahead, and pack for versatility. The Helionic Relaxed Fit Down Jacket from adidas has chill style, lightweight, everyday comfort, and warmth for the fluctuating cold mornings and evenings in NYC.


It’s no news that travel can wear on your immune system. Corona aside, there are still plenty of germs you can catch in travel environments. I arm with cloves, protecting from disease and increasing immunity with a drop near my nose, roof of mouth (clean hands please) and a line down my spine. Bonus, cloves can double to ease pain for the occasional toothache too.



While NYC is full of color and energy, a color that has always been synonymous with NYC in my mind has been black. The NMD_R1 adidas shoe in black with a touch Metallic style won’t get dirty walking to and from plane to hotel, hotel to set, and has one of the most comfortable souls and support for working out or running the High Line.


A skin secret for New England weather and dry skin from traveling is…Coconut oil! Pair that with dry brushing, to sloth off dry (dead) skin and boost lymphatic draining which can get clogged up from air travel. Here’s a step by step guide for dry brushing, and coconut oil from Conscious Coconut, specifically designed for travel in tubes or packets.


Minimalist baggage and on-the-go portability, I love a sling for that reason. adidas Utility Cross Sling Bag perfectly fits either my laptop, or iPad, and camera gear if needed; or, can style for a dinner out that I need to trek across the city.


You know I’m all about healthy snacks and BYOS (bring your own snacks) when it comes to travel. PopZero sent me some sample bags to try and test out, and I easily am tossing one into my bag for the plane, or en route. WAY better than a crappy cookie, American!


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If you’re taking the AirTran from the airports to the subway, to Manhattan, or just in need to get around the city, save yourself time and money by buying one of these and remembering to pack it when you’re in NYC. Time, and money, is money, after all!

Living outside of New England now, I realize I visit New York City more than I used to when I lived in Connecticut — irony. Glad for it, however, as I’m a much better traveler and well-prepared than I was back then.

Now, back in Miami, the question is: where will this wellness-focused traveler head off to next? Here’s a hint: from coast to coast we go!

Travel Wellness Kit
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