My Travel Bag Essentials: Packing for Tulum - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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My Travel Bag Essentials: Packing for Tulum

Bienvenidos! Welcome back. What’s in my travel bag? I’ll put you inside and take you with me to Tulum. I haven’t done one of these in a long time, not since I went to Singapore.

One of the things that I have in my bag is probiotics in a glass container, which is better than plastic. If your gut health is off from something you’re eating, it can also affect what’s happening in your papaya area. I take two capsules before a meal. Your gut is 70% of your immune system, so take care of your gut, and the rest of your flora will stay healthier.

Before we get into today’s post, I want to thank Wisp ,a sexual health online platform. I can talk with a doctor, a gynecologist – someone authorized to help me with my sexual health needs no matter where I am, even if I don’t have insurance. It is very affordable, and it gives me more confidence when I’m on the road, especially traveling out of the country.

What’s in My Bag

  • I always keep a pair of sunglasses; you never know.
  • My camera
  • A portable charger that I use for my laptop. It needs a new battery, so it dies quite often.
  • About five masks
    Hand sanitizer & lotion because my hands always get super dry on airplanes.
  • I always keep a pen because you have to fill out customs forms when you travel internationally. People have asked to borrow it on flights. I say yes, but you need to clean it afterward, and they do. They sprayed it down.
  • A notebook – things come to me at all times, and I want to be able to write them down.
  • My iPad. I usually download shows before getting on the plane if I don’t like whatever they have or they don’t have personal TVs. I make sure it’s fully charged before.
  • My cell phone
  • A book. I’m old school like that.
  • This time, I’m bringing a script that I’m working on and a highlighter to highlight lines.
  • Lip gloss. I don’t like lipstick.
  • My laptop. It’s my baby.


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More to come in this series with Wisp and sexuality as well, stay tuned over on LiveFreeTV!

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