My Biggest Tip to Make Positive Changes in Your Life - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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My Biggest Tip to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

Want to make REAL positive changes in your own life? Ready to experience true freedom, taking charge of your overall wellness?

My biggest tip: Get smarter than your own excuses.

Intuitively, our bodies already know what we need and desire for living passionate, healthy lifestyles. The mind, however, can override the body, giving its input that can be VERY persuasive at times. Many times, the voice in the mind isn’t even our own, or we’ve developed such strong patterns of beliefs and habits that the unconscious action is based on what we’ve done, rather than what we really NEED to do.

You have the best intentions to get more sleep, eat healthier, set a work out schedule weekly, travel more, use up vacation time, wake up earlier to catch more sunrises, and cut back on some addiction of yours (be it alcohol, food, or even Netflix). What happens in the moment that we are given the opportunity to create change? Fruit, or processed cake, to fill our sugar cravings? Sleep, or stay up late browsing the web or eating past hunger and out of boredom, loneliness, etc.? Book the week trip to the Cayman Islands, or decide to stay in town and finish up a few last projects at the office?

Often times, the choice is our excuse, or the voice that says why we can’t. Cake, obviously! It’s so goooood! Sleep? You can catch up on the weekend. Or, there will always be time to book a vacation later in the year.

As humans, our minds are very persuasive, and without us even knowing, push us in the direction towards comfort, what we’ve done in the past, what we know the outcome will already be, and what are our “habits.” The tricky part is, habits don’t create us opportunity to change for the better. Habits keep us stuck. Habits prevent us from being radically honest with ourselves. Habits prevent us from catching our own selves out on our own excuses and lies.

Where’s the freedom in all this? The work. Freedom comes from choosing responsibility. Choosing to try something new, different, or challenging. Being completely honest, there is NOTHING easy about freedom! It’s a heck of a lot of work and responsibility to own up to your own sh*t.

But, when you can hold your own self accountable to your own word, what you’re promising to your self, to make a shift towards your intuitive nature, no one can stop you. Learn your in’s and out’s, your own loopholes, and devise plans around them. Get creative in a personal game of detective, asking your self questions, why’s, how’s, what’s, and conjure up a fool-proof plan that doesn’t allow you to sneak or duck out.

Questions to ask your self:

  • What sort of shifts or changes are you looking to create in your life?
  • Can you pin point your own excuse(s) that keep you stuck in a habitual (most likely, unhealthy) pattern?
  • What are your options?
  • And, how can you take one step, ONE STEP towards taking that other path?

By doing so, you’re already ONE step closer towards living free. #livefree

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