Most Memorable Travel Experience – I was 9! - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Most Memorable Travel Experience – I was 9!

“Travel not to move, but to BE moved.” #livefree

Transformational Travel Memory

One of my most memorable trips in my life was when I was a kid, 9 or so. My family — Mom, Dad, myself and my brother — were in our Tahoe Suburban, en route to what we thought was New York City for my Dad to check out and maybe buy (another) used car (which he did/does often).

On our way to New York, about a one hour drive from our home in Connecticut, my brother turned to the backseat trunk behind us and questioned out loud, “What are these back here?”

My Mom quickly replied to my brother, “Markie! Turn around, and sit back down in your seat!”

Woah. Mom was pissed…or so we thought.

We remained fairly quiet until we later arrived in New York City, pulling up to what we expected to be a used car lot. Instead, it was La Guardia Airport.

My Dad dropped us off in the airport, and once we got inside, my Mom exclaimed, “Surprise! We’re taking a trip! Where do you think we’re going?”

To our incredible excitement, we starred deeply in awe at the departure board, guessing any name we could read. Final destination? Orlando! We were heading to Disney!

I think from that moment on, I’ve always had an awe, and a love, for airports and travel. That magical moment of, “Where to next…?”

Speaking of, where to next, off to LAX, then CUN in the next two weeks. Love this traveling life, sharing a message, with

What’s your favorite travel memory?


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