{MBG Feature} Got Thanksgiving Travel Coming Up? Keep These 8 Yoga Poses In Your Back Pocket - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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{MBG Feature} Got Thanksgiving Travel Coming Up? Keep These 8 Yoga Poses In Your Back Pocket

Take this Yoga Travel Sequence With you This Holiday Season to Destress and Ground

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Travel and stress go together like almond butter and gluten-free toast: No matter how many deep breaths and “om nama shivayas” you think you can bring with you on your carry-on, traveling—especially during the holidays—comes with its fair share of upsets.   As a frequent traveler myself, I’ve experienced my fair share of missed flights, screaming babies, snoring neighboring passengers, and a set of inexplicable flight delays. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, one tool that has always helped me to unwind and relax in just about any situation (and location) has been yoga: It helps me ground, breathe, and move my body in the areas that I tend to tense up the most when I’m filled with anxiety.   For this upcoming holiday season, I’m gifting you the opportunity to create some inner peace, whether you’re flying, driving, or walking over to the parents’ or in-laws’ house to share a meal and some family time. Here, I present you with a yoga sequence you can bookmark and take with you to practice this holiday season.

View the sequence.

1. Neck rolls

2. Seated Shoulder Stretch

3. Seated or Standing Cat-Cow

4. Side Bend

5. Twisting Chair

6. Standing Pigeon

7. Arm Stretch Extension

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