Master the Art of Receiving: Attract Gifts Without Chasing Them - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Master the Art of Receiving: Attract Gifts Without Chasing Them

“Your energy is currency. Spend it well. Invest it wisely.”

Growing up, I was taught to work hard and go after your dreams. Chase what you want and don’t let anything stop you. Work hard, and you can get anything you want to achieve by going for it. This wasn’t something I was just told in my household. I was taught this in school, grade school through college, and I know I’m not alone in this.

From a young age we’re taught to chase after what we want. Those exact words are used, to “chase” what we want. Which brings me to my point: we’re taught what to chase, but not how to attract. We’re taught to force direction and work hard, but nobody teaches us about the attraction and alignment of energy.

I learned about energy, not just physics class; but, later in life studying yoga and mindfulness. The energy fields that surround our bodies are effervescent and everywhere, continuously communicating with the world around us. We attract or repel anything within our energetic orbit; Noting, we can use this to our benefit to effortlessly attract more of what we want while cleaning cleaning our energy fields isn’t serving us.

Here are a few ways that I focus on daily to align my energy to attract sources and successes into my life.

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Journaling is one of those things that is a natural therapy for me. Getting out whatever is in my mind through an open source where I won’t be judged and it can just flow is a place of safety, freedom and exploration. Often times I’ll dictate on my phone through words translated into text, if speaking is calling more to me.

Other times I keep the notes in a running word or pages doc for future reflection. This helps get out thoughts in my mind that might just get caught up there, but need a place to land. If typing isn’t for you, even more powerful can be writing out what’s in your mind. Hand to paper can be more powerful than typing or any digital format.


This probably sounds redundant these days the importance of meditation. It’s true! Daily meditation is my grounding source to start my day. Giving my mind a place to connect and set the tone for the day ahead is crucial before I jump into any other task.

Whatever meditation looks like for you, taking 10 minutes in the morning for me to breathe with a mantra, “ground, breathe, heart,” is incredibly powerful to align with my true self staying focused and more balanced throughout the day ahead.

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This goes without saying,: I must move my body daily. Our bodies were designed to move without moving them. All the energy gets stuck up inside of us. Movement is like keeping the grease in the wheels going to keep the instrument in tune and harmony. Without it, personally it creates a very anxious, misaligned and frazzled inner self if I’m not moving.

My favorites go-to’s for movement that require zero equipment or a gym include a daily run and stretch to get my body ready for the day. Typically, this runs (no pun intended) about an hour total. Noting, it doesn’t have to be a full dedicated hour-long yoga practice! However, the opposite of not doing movement of any kind can throw me off entire day. There’s power to that!


Call it staring out a window or taking a mini savasana. The time I take to reflect and allow for a moment of self-awareness for how I’m feeling in the moment can make or break the rest of the day. Noting, I’m doing this throughout the day at multiple touch points. This isn’t just once in the morning, but multiple times throughout the day when I check in with myself, take a breath, and internally asking myself, “how are you feeling right now?”

Along with reflection can be some daydreaming. Without the intruded of digital media constantly in my face, daydreaming can allow my mind to takeoff into creative spaces tucked away into the nooks and crannies of my brain and memories.  This can lead to a magic spark of inspiration, a million dollar idea for a film or the inspiration I need for the next lead role I land, or perhaps a simple gap of thought that my mind needed to recalibrate. The opportunity is endless when I’m able to give my mind the space tap into it.

You were the creator of your own life: BE THE LEAD.

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Along with all of these strategies and tools is keeping my body, healthy, nourished, with proper sleep. When my body, this instrument, is well taken care of, the energy can flow fluidly through it.

What are some tools that you use to line your energy to attract, the life and successes you’re destined for?

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