Make a HEALTHY HABIT and Lifestyle STICK for Good in 2021 :
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Make a HEALTHY HABIT and Lifestyle STICK for Good in 2021

Whether you’re at home, or when you’re traveling, I get a lot of questions on how do I keep a healthy routine.

“I just can’t stick to it!” Here’s my answer to that phrase.

When I’m on the road, when I’m traveling, when I’m never home, my schedule gets all mixed up. The best advice I can give start that routine at home. You say? Yeah, but how does that work when I’m traveling?

Here’s how, when you have a routine set at home, it’s your day to day, your Monday through Sunday, right now Monday through Friday, on Monday through Sunday, set a routine every day.

When you travel, no matter the time, no matter the location that you’re in, you are already automatically in that mindset of “Oh, this is what I’m supposed to do today!”

So if you’re setting a morning routine at home, I want to wake up, I want to drink my two glasses of water, and I take a moment of something that I’m grateful for. Then I do my coffee, right after I do my meditation, and stretching. Then I go back and have my coffee,  jump into the world of the emails or social media, ir whatever work that I’m doing planning for the day ahead.

Most importantly, I’m doing a routine that I stick to each and every day. Be it home-base in Miami, be it in Portugal, be it in Mexico, be it in New York…it’s a routine that I wake up and I live by.

So it’s setting that same routine, morning and evening, no matter whether you’re home or away.

That’s the best advice I can give you when it comes to keeping a healthier habit when you’re traveling. To note, if you’re traveling and you have different times that you have to work around, maybe you have an earlier meeting, you set your clock back earlier and you make it happen. If your routine is a priority, if you are a priority, then you make it one to schedule it in, make sure you get to bed a little bit earlier the night before, just to the time that you’re in and just hop on into it.

What daily health habit can you add to your life starting today for a long-term healthy lifestyle habit? 

If you’re someone who’s struggling with setting a routine and a plan of action for your day, then I encourage you to look into the 28 Day Renew Program.

Each day has a different objective that we’re going to be focusing on from the Live Free Manifesto and Living Cancer Free book.

Let’s put the excuses aside: This program itself, you need an extra hour and a half each day to do it. That is around 5% of your day 6% 6%. It’s around 6% of your day. So instead of spending that 6% on social media, get your button the program, join me and set yourself up for success to renew your life, put you back on track. We all need that sometimes and this program can help you with that.

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  • Umberto
    Posted at 16:19h, 04 June Reply

    Basic good habits that you repeat every day. But do you feel anxious if somethings gets on the way and you struggle to get your routine done?

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