Live Free Dafi Travel Kit 01 Adventures: Vamos a México! - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Live Free Dafi Travel Kit 01 Adventures: Vamos a México!

Eat healthy anywhere you travel, save money, and enjoy the local foods and fruits of the lands you visit. I’ve partnered with Dafi Products to share tips and tricks on how to, during an experience through Tulum and Mérida, Mexico.

As you know, warriors, I’m all about eating healthy during any travel adventure, and finding creative ways to make it easier and accessible to anyone at home to do the same thing. It’s one thing to read blogs sharing luxurious locations where everything is included, or the writer/influencer is offered private services and VIP treatment to write how great the destination is. It’s another thing to get an ordinary traveler offering a real-life experience and how-to’s without all the extra pampering!

I like a balance of both. I also appreciate the opportunities to be creative in my own efforts to eat like a VIP regardless of the personalized status (and, yes, fruits absolutely quality as VIP status for this gringa!).

Dafi products make it easier for me to travel healthy. I’ve designed my own little “travel kit” that is incredibly light-weight and convenient to stash fresh snacks, fruits, and clean water to take with me, including places like Miami International Airport, all the way to the charming, quaint town of Mérida, Yucatán Mexico.

I’ll take you through what I’m packing, how I’m packing it, tips for healthy foods to have in any airport, and how the Dafi Vacuum Containers saved my culo for a long tour of the Chichen Itza Pyramids with a little bit of planning and in the hotel room (YES! the hotel room floor, actually) to eat fresh and healthy in the middle of the jungle.

¿Listos, guerrerros? Ready, warriors? Vamos a México!


There are four main elements to round out the Live Free Dafi Travel Kit. Yes, I completely made this “kit” up from their full line of products. However, you can purchase the entire set on your own and mix and match to best fit your needs as you’re traveling.

This “Live Free Kit” offers the perfect variety of pieces that one would need when traveling without taking up too much space in an already compact luggage bag.

Here’s what is inside the travel kit:


I will preface by saying, I am not rich! However, I do choose to spend my money wisely. I signed up for the American Airlines Admirals Club last year after an overnight flight coming back from Fiji, landing in LAX (Los Angeles Airport). We were tired, smelled terrible, and really hungry. The admirals annual fee was almost cheaper and way more convenient than if we were to find a place to eat, get transportation to a hotel, and actually pay for the room to use for a few short hours just to shower.

So, now we have the benefit of being able to grab coffee, water, snacks, and fresh fruits to bring onboard before any American Airlines flight where there’s club access in the AA network.

What they don’t provide are the containers to do so! Insert, Dafi Vacuum Containers to my rescue! I grab a heaping bowl of fresh fruits from the lounge and store them in the air-tight container after sealing it up with the manual pump for the plane ride. I even become the envy of even the attendants, having those fresh, hydrating berries miles up in the sky!

Don’t have club access? Not a problem!

You can plan ahead and store fruits from your casa inside the air-tight containers. Most airports and TSA will allow you to pass through with fruits. I’ve never had an issue doing so, but I’ve heard some international airports don’t allow fruits to pass. However, in my travels in the United States, Caribbean (minus Aruba) and Mexico, I always bring fruits on board to eat.

P.S. If you’re traveling international, be sure to eat all the produce prior to landing! It’s not allowed through customs.

The additional bonus of packing the water bottle in your carry-on is you can fill it up after TSA at any one of the water fountains, and can rest assured the water is squeaky clean in the Dafi Carbon Filter (did you know it’s made from Coconut Shells!?).


  1. Place the carbon filter inside the water bottle and screw on the cap.
  2. Place manual pump and water bottle longitudinally inside the tray of the 1.5 L Dafi Vacuum Container
  3. Add the top to the 1.5 L Dafi Vacuum Container. This one can go in your checked luggage, or your carry-on bag if you’re planning to get water in the airport (see below) or pack fruits or snacks for the plane ride. 
  4. Place the top of the 1.3 L Dafi Vacuum Container inside


I know these steps sound really basic, but it can be helpful to list out an order when you’re in a rush or newer to traveling.


I absolutely love the fruits of México. The ripe, sweet taste of the pineapples, mangoes and papayas is truly unbeatable. My mouth waters thinking of them right now as I write this in my home of Miami!

Given this, of course we are sure to stop at a local “mercadito” or produce stand during our stay. We were actually in the town of Mérida during a holiday, so there wasn’t much open because it was officially a day off for all. Kind of like Labor Day for us gringos in the United States, it was “Dia de Trabajo” in Mexico. No work. Siesta time.

Lucky us to find a market in the back of this man’s truck. Piñas, mangoes, papaya y ciruelas (cherries) to go please! After stocking up for our road trip from Mérida to the middle the jungle, Chichen Itza, we checked in to our hotel of Oka’an, just a 10 minute drive away from the Pyramids we were touring the next day.

Once we checked in, toured the grounds, and unpacked, it was time to cut up the pineapple and mango for the next day’s adventure through the pyramids. Storing the fruits was easy and convenient in the air-tight containers, because there was no worries about spilling or spoilage, as they are refrigerator and freezer friendly. Trust me, warriors, after 2 hours in the blazing sun going from awe-inspiring tomb to sculpture, you’ll want something cool, fresh, and hydrating!

Where to next, with Live Free Warrior and Dafi? Stay tuned!

*All the products shown and mentioned above can be found here on the Dafi USA website. Pumps are available in both electric and manual pieces.

Want more Dafi Travel inspiration? Check out the video below for a full clip on our adventures from Miami home base to Mexico and back.

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