Life is A Gift - Birthday in Tulum Reflections at 36 - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Life is A Gift – Birthday in Tulum Reflections at 36

Dear 36:

Happy birthday to ME today!

Life is such a celebration, and a continuous journey of finding your self. Learning valuable lessons in each turn and twist that comes, shaping who we are, today, and in the future.

This past year has definitely offered lessons that I needed to see, comprehend and learn from. Many tears, but a lot more joy. Not all tears are bad either, I cried this morning reading my Mom’s birthday card, after all (yep, this empath is emotional…)

And, another life lesson I’ve learned with time! Emotion is an INCREDIBLE gift, allowing me to FEEL. Looking back, 36 years, there are moments I’ve grown up maybe too fast from life’s experiences, and other ways that I’m really just a kid.


Life experiences and lessons that have taught me many lessons: Cancer diagnosis, Eating Disorder & Alcoholism (all of this before turning 21), Divorced & Remarried, Laid-off, relocated, shifting job trajectories at least three times… and if you still want to read more, check out @livingcancerfree


  • I never really learned to clean (I wipe up floor messes with my socks, dust with my hair dryer, and call my mom when I don’t know how to get a stain out of a white shirt)
  • I will chase a dream and an instinct because it feels so right, rather than focus on simply rational.
  • Play and laughter are vital to me, and can lost for hours in filming, writing, exploring, photographing, or designing…like a kid can lose himself riding bikes outside, or time in nature
  • I married and fell in love with my best friend, mi alma, all within 9 months, because it felt so right, and who is equally a kid as me (which I LOVE — most of the time!)…and many more reasons I know I’m a child inside (I love you, Javi)


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That balance of LIFE is leading me to who I am today, and I am so thankful and blessed to be open to learning these lessons, and able to share the experiences, as I travel and live, FREE(er) each and every day in this incredible life of mine.

And, guess what? You have that same GIFT too. So, sharing those lessons and life insight with you, Warriors, to go out and celebrate each day like it’s your birthday! Because, it really is a gift, to LIVE, to choose, to be YOU and be FREE.

Today, we explore Tulum. Back where some very intense life changes happened. A place of magic, mystery, calm (tranquilidad), growth and energy. I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate a NEW year than in such a longitude and latitude of the world.

Cheers to 36 year old me! Here, to many, many more birthdays of revolution and evolution around the sun.



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