Real mornings, Real Talk - Is It Ok to Eat Fruit? - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Real mornings, Real Talk – Is It Ok to Eat Fruit?

REAL mornings, look like this. And talking about the “is it ok to eat fruit?” debate. 

Real mornings include:
  • me sitting on the floor because I hate chairs
  • my laptop writing emails and notes from any creative idea I’ve spawned over night (evernote is the bomb for note-taking like this!)
  • fresh filtered dafi water and lemon to rehydrate after a night’s rest
  • about 2 or so cups of organic coffee from target
  • a 10-minute meditation practice (insight timer is my favorite app)
  • a giant plate of fruit as my first meal of the day


To be honest, I don’t know! There’s so much talk about the @keto diet, low-carb, higher protein, blah blah. Yes, I’m certified health coach, and I know the difference between all of those and the foods they entail. While I don’t know what’s PERFECT, I’ll openly admit, I’m always trying new things.


I struggled for 17 years with food, focusing on the calorie count, the fat grams, how puffy my stomach was after eating (now, being honest, I am aware if you eat ANYTHING, your stomach grows if even a little…), scaling how much weight I lost or gained overnight (yep, an eating disorder will tell you that kind of sh*t), and so much more that I’ll wait to share with you in another post, or in more details in the “Living {Cancer} Free” book I’m currently writing (a good chunk of it is based on Eating Disorders, because, well, that’s ME!).

Today, if I like the taste of something, if it emotionally makes me feel good, and I can enjoy the taste of a food that has nourishing properties to it, chockfull of vitamins, and I an get excited about eating it, I don’t give a f*k what “diet” it fits in to or the carbohydrate breakdown in order to lose weight.

eel-good emotional connection to it (you should see how excited I get about melon and grapes! And, fresh apples from New England. Really!), then I’m gonna freakin’ eat it as I please.

Why? Because food, to me, lacked a positive emotional connection for far too many years in my life. Today, if I like something, I’m going to eat it. Because I f*king want to, I can, and I will.

I’m not perfect, but I am learning. This is kind of talk I share with my clients, my friends, in interviews, on camera and in general conversation over breakfast with my husband and coffee.

Create “freedom from” the voice that says you SHOULD, and create “freedom for” living a life you choose. (copy, quote, and share this line, please!)

Now, back to the regular program of my day: I’ve got a plate of fruit awaiting me! Comments are welcome, as always.


“Create “freedom from” the voice that says you SHOULD, and create “freedom for” living a life you choose.” – @LIVEFREEWARRIOR

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