How To Travel Even If You Don't Have Health Insurance - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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How To Travel Even If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Traveling and concerned about health insurance? I’m with you. Get your sexual health insurance covered, here’s how. I’m excited to be doing a mini-series with Wisp here on this channel that will flush out a little bit of the sexual wellth. Because when you can own that there’s a confidence in saying I have this going on and I know what to do about it. And that’s what every piece of content on the Live Free channel is. It’s about empowered choices.

I can recall in high school we had a sex-ed class, it was one class. That’s it! Figure the rest out, which is why we were all googling online and trying to figure things out. Wisp is digitalized sexual health care. When I used to go to the doctor, there was one gynecologist in Miami I didn’t mind going to, but then I started paying out of pocket. I don’t have health insurance, so if I needed one, I’d have to pay for it out of pocket. Second, I need to find a good doctor myself to see. I couldn’t even contact them if I needed to see a doctor or had a question. One of the things I like about Wisp is that I can message someone right now on my laptop or phone. And contact them; they have Wisp care, which costs $10 per month and gives me access to doctors from anywhere.

Wisp sent me this, and I am unboxing it today in the video. I went online and filled out a brief form indicating what I wanted to concentrate on. And this arrived in my mailbox the next day. Faster than if I tried to make an appointment with a doctor in Miami, which takes about a half-year. This is a huge time saver.

There’s a lovely art display inside the box. It’s also environmentally friendly. I filled out a small form and explained what I was doing. So they sent me extremely beneficial probiotics. I’m here in Tulum and I have a green gut stomach. So I ran into some issues when I travel. And it comes with the instructions and everything right there on it easy, this is a glass bottle so no waste.

I didn’t even know we can do this but you can delay your period. And there’s nothing it’s like it seems like the universe just has your back. The package also has the morning-after pill. What I love is being able to access this own your sexuality and you don’t have to make a big thing about it.  It doesn’t take a whole day to go to the doctor especially if you don’t have health insurance like me.


I love things that make my life simple and easy, take less time. These are all about my well-being. I’m really glad to be sharing this with you. You don’t need to whisper about it anymore. You can scream sexuality!


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More to come in this series with Wisp and sexuality as well, stay tuned over on LiveFreeTV!

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