How to Drink More Water Daily - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Dafi water bottle

How to Drink More Water Daily

We’ve heard it before: drink more water. But it’s not always as easy as said and done. These tips will help you get more quality fluid ounces in to your daily routine.


Drink more water. DRINK more water. MÁS agua, por favor! It sounds easy, right? But, it can be really hard to add more water when we’re already in a habit and routine. You forget, and grab for coffee or a carbonated beverage, and so on. Whatever the excuse, we all know the benefits of getting enough water, and that it’s quality, filtered water as well, including greater energy levels, flexibility, heightens your awareness, and strengthens your overall health and well-being.

Here’s five tips below to add more water to your daily life, utilizing the Dafi Water system I got to try and test out this past month (pssst: stay tuned for the video link below!):

1. Always carry a water bottle

Dafi water bottle

Carry this bottle around with you like it’s your new phone, attached to your hip. Whenever I’m practicing or working out, I’m always sure to have a water bottle by my side, to ensure I’m staying hydrated as I’m sweating.

2. Drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning

Personally, I prefer room temperature water, being that it’s better for your digestion (especially in the AM) and it’s less harming to my oh-so-sensitive teeth. Having a filtered water jug on the counter that I can drink first thing in the morning makes it easier for me to stick to that daily habit, and feels better in my body.

The Dafi water jug alkalinizes the water, which further preventing acidosis and chronic disease, slowing down aging, strengthening bones and teeth, increasing metabolism and improving immunity. All of these benefits are found in other products, such as fruits and vegetables. However, water is more easily accessible and since it’s a liquid it is digested and absorbed by more naturally.

3. Add fruit slices or other flavor to your water

It’s a simple methodology: if you like the taste of something, you’re more likely to stick to eating or drinking it! Choose one of your favorite fruits or herbs and add them to the carafe or jug to infuse the water with its flavor.

Personally, strawberry slices are my fruity fave! But, feel free to get creative and add in mint, pineapple, cucumber, or melon to the mix.

4. Drink a full glass of water before each meal

Often times, we confuse hunger for thirst, probing us to reach for food when it’s really high-quality H2O we’re in need of.

If we’re eating at least three to four times a day, that’s three to four additional glasses of water we’re consuming on top of the two in the morning (tip #2, right!?). Here’s some water recipes ideas to get you started.

Bonus benefit: the Dafi Water pitcher is glass and the cartridges can increase pH and decrease ORP (read: oxidation reduction potential, a.k.a. “redox”). This feature is unique to the Dafi Water cartridges and system, noting that water with negative ORP contains anti-oxidants which is very important for one’s health. And, not all water is created equal: bottled water, even though it might be alkaline, it has positive ORP, and, therefor, doesn’t have an ability to produce anti-oxidants like the Dafi system does.

5. Pack plenty of fruits in an air-tight container

Make sure the fruit is in a spill-proof and airtight container, though! I recently experienced a strawberry disaster during a recent trip to Los Angeles, with an entire container of strawberries creating a red mess inside my carry-on luggage. Really, gross, you guys.

Grapes and cantaloupe are some of my favorites to pack, and when they’re stored inside the Dafi vacuum container, you can tip it upside-down, toss it around, knock it over and nothing will spill, leak, or seep out. No more strawberry disasters, thank you!

Watch the Video Review:

Review and demo of the Dafi Water Pitcher line. I’ve been using this for over 1 month now, and I am super excited to share my thoughts with you. You can buy it here: I’ve received the product as a sample, the reviews and opinions are solely mine after using it for 1 month.

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