Hotel Bed Yoga and NYC Money Saving Tips and Review - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Hotel Bed Yoga and NYC Money Saving Tips and Review

Yoga you don’t even have to leave your hotel bed for? Count me in!

Filmed on my recent trip visiting New York City, staying at the Club Quarters Hotel in the southern area of Manhattan, this 5-minute yoga flow is a great way to wake up to your day without having to move anywhere from your slumbers!

Stay tuned towards the end of the video for my review of the Club Quarters Hotel stay, money saving tips in NYC, and some reflections from the solo-journey back to a “home-town” area.

There’s a video link below to watch and follow along. Or, if you prefer to take your time and follow a photo sequence, the blog below can guide you. Practice each posture on each side (left and ride), holding from 3-10 breathes each.

Subscribe on YouTube for additional Hotel and Yoga Flow videos, and bookmark this page for your next upcoming trip to stay flexed!

Practice with the Video

1. Seated Cat and Cow

2. Neck Stretch

3. Neck Stretch with Arm Assistance

4. Seated Side Bend

5. Seated Twist

6. Extended Leg Hamstring Stretch

7. Extended Leg Side Bend

8. Wide-Legged Forward Fold (with Pillow)

9. Seated Bound-Angle Pose (inner thighs)

10. Legs Extended Up the Wall

11. Reclining Pigeon Hip Stretch

12. Reclining Bound-Angle Pose

13. Squeeze it in Tight!

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