Holiday Fitness Gift Guide & Festive Sustainable Tips
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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide & Festive Sustainable Tips

This post is sponsored by, sharing top picks from their environmentally conscious Primeblue line, along with sustainable holiday tips to reduce waste below.

One of the best ways to stress less during the holiday season? Do your gift-gifting early! My gift to you? I’ve partnered with adidas to share a few select items from their Primeblue line (more on that to come, Eco-warriors) and some sustainable tips for this upcoming holiday season.

First up, what is Primeblue all about, and why I’m such a fan. Primeblue is a high-performance recycled material containing Parley Ocean Plastic™ and has a minimum of 40% recycled material in total. With so much plastic waste in the world, I’m a huge supporter of adidas and their efforts to up-cycle our collective waste, and repurpose it for quality (and stylish) gear. I want to be able to enjoy our planet to experience and preserve while staying fit for a long time to come — so, this line is a win-win!

Now that you know what Primeblue is, I know you’re ready to join the #noplasticwaste revolution too doing some stress-less holiday shopping with me. Let’s jump in!

Here’s my top selects from adidas’ Primeblue line for loved ones this holiday season. Stay tuned for the sustainable tips at the end too!

Top Holiday Sustainable Gift Selects from adidas


For the female fitness friend who wants to be stylish wherever she’s on the go. These Own The Run Primeblue Tights are almost look too beautiful to wear for fitness; but, they fully function as a lightweight running or gym pant.

Breathable fabric, high-rise crop (ahem, great at the holiday dinner table), with a stylish side design. Click and follow the QR code at the bottom leg crop for a running playlist collected from runners worldwide.

*Primeblue features Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is made from recycled waste, intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean.


The only issue I have with these shoes? Deciding which color to get! There are so many options for each color of the rainbow. Call it art director color OCD, I went for the holiday spirit vibe of the white and goal to match these photos.

Notably a high-performance running shoe, the Primeblue Ultraboost 20 Shoe is ideal for runners, gym-goers, walkers, or everyday use. Comes in both men’s and women’s versions.

*Primeblue features Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is made from recycled waste, intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean.


Ladies! You know I’m all about layers, layers and layers — this adidas W.N.D. Jacket layering piece is perfect for Miami weather (where I’m currently based until next year) and for warmer winter days (or Spring to come). And, even more than layers, I love hoodies!

This jacket is crafted from Parley Ocean Plastic yarn that’s up-cycled from plastic waste. With a relaxes fit, has side pockets for storage and comes in both white and black (yes, the white is washable).


Stocking stuffer alert! Fully adjustable, made of 100% recycled material and perfect for covering up bed head in the holiday mornings when you’re still (ahem) working from home. Grab this Superlite Training Hat for your tropical winter getaway, because it has built-in sun coverage with a 50 UV factor. Beach runs in the Caribbean mid-January? Yes, please!


Fashionable and functional sweats for the fitness guy on your list. The Must Haves Primeblue pants, well, the name speaks for itself — they’re a must have! And, with reason. These are all-around a great gym pant or to add as a layer. Three color options, mesh panels on the sides for air flow, and made of 40% recycled material.

Similar, these come in a short version too, available in three colors, check them out here.

Sustainable Holiday Tips

What we buy matters, and so does how we celebrate. Here are a few of my top tips for being a bit more eco-friendly and lower our waste factor with a few simple swaps:

  1. Reuse gift bags and paper, instead of buy new ones. Or, repurpose old adidas sneaker boxes to use as a gift box instead! Already comes with tissue paper.
  2. Ship orders in bulk, instead of buying individually or at separate times.
  3. Use reusable paper, and save it later for drawing, sketching, for notepads after the gifts have been opened.
  4. Purchase from sustainably responsible companies, like adidas.
  5. Use LED Lights instead of the older bulbs. They use less electricity, and will lower your bill too.
  6. Move your body daily! Personal sustainability is just as important as environmental sustainability, to keep your stress low, and joy high.

Happy, joyful early holidays, warriors! What’s your favorite item on this gift list?

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