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Why Hire Me

Looking for a talent who can create, art direct, be on-screen, behind the camera, edit, post-produce, and have something intelligent to share on screen or in text?


You’re in luck. Sara’s your Spanglish-speaking chica! With over eight years of professional experience in art direction, photography and graphic design for some of the largest companies and agency firms in Boston, Sara’s also excelled in the fitness world, notably one of Miami’s top yoga instructors.


With life history, experience, and a story to share, Sara’s brave, honest, and open approach to speaking, writing, and inspiring her audiences are creatively unique and a passion she is dedicating her life towards achieving.

TV Talent, Athlete, Model and Producer, Sara Quiriconi (better known as @livefreewarrior in the social world) is the creator and founder of the “Unfck Your Body” Series and Live Free Yoga lifestyle. Represented by well respected brands in the wellness industry, including Puma, Manduka Yoga, YogaOutlet, and JSW (Vegan) Models Management, Sara has a professional background in both advertising, art direction, health coaching and yoga healing.


Collaborating with established brands such as MindBodyGreen, The Observer, YogaOutlet, Manduka, Whole Foods Miami, and Puma, Sara has set the bar high in the wellness community for producing high-quality, eye-catching content and campaigns shared across a variety of social platforms.


Events + Workshops
  • yoga/movement events
  • fitness classes
  • Unfck Your Body Workshops
  • public speaking
  • nutrition talks
  • retreat hosting
  • business of yoga/fitness
Social Media Campaigns
  • informative marketing
  • how-to’s
  • giveaways
  • ambassador programs
  • sponsored campaigns
  • brand experience content

*rate sheet available upon request

Model + TV
  • commercials
  • interviews
  • branded promo videos
  • product modeling
  • brand marketing
  • live TV hosting
  • event hosting
Content Creation
  • concept development
  • art direction
  • creative direction
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • on-set managing
  • brand consulting





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