Health Habits I've Changed Since Moving to LA - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Health Habits I’ve Changed Since Moving to LA

Location, Location Location! In moving from Miami to LA, I’ve noticed some of my personal health habits have changed in addition to my zip code.

I think having spaces that are cozy are so important that feel good. That might be one big change that I’ve done is I feeling so good in this space that I am because many interesting journey in the past couple of years (a story for a different book).


I started going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, being on the west coast. In a way, my mind is almost tricked into thinking I’m three hours behind in the world now because I have been East Coast my entire life, aside from traveling.


The other thing, my hair, I have stopped washing my hair every day and I started using conditioner again. My ends were they were not happy with Sara, so we’ve changed the hair routine a little bit. The air is so much drier here in LA compared to Miami, which is really really humid and tropics.


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On that note, my skincare routine has changed. I started incorporating different oils into the lotions that have been using, combining them a little bit. Also, I’m doing more dry brushing on a daily basis, where it helps my lymphatic system as I’m healing up my my foot and my knee from a run injury (great timing, I know).

Further, dry brushing helps to gets rid of any the dead skin cells faster and it allows for the oils and moisture to absorb into the skin. I’ve been using coconut oil, of course, almond oil and a combination of another one that has herbs within it.


When it comes to skin, I’ve noticed it on my face as well. This little coffee lover…I stopped having as much coffee in the afternoon and I started to have more water, which is a great thing. I’m actually encouraging myself to drink more water throughout the day, and I have one less cup of coffee in the afternoon. Maybe it’s helping with the sleeping thing too? A trickle effect; however, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up coffee anytime soon!


I started to eat better foods and less carbs with like breads and such and even fruit. I stopped eating as much fruit. I started having more vegetables, which I am very aware that I needed to be doing for a long time and finally started doing it here in Los Angeles.

I find that there’s just so much more flavor in the food, and more produce is grown in California. Compared to Miami, or New York, where it’s shipped across the country, frozen or half ripe.

There’s just so much more flavor in the foods I’ve been having more of, like the cauliflowers and different greens and the avocados. Yes, of course even the fruits, the melon…okay, we’re going to wrap this up because now I’m starting to get hungry for lunch.

Lastly, I’ve been having far less cravings of breads and rice cakes — while there’s nothing wrong with it, I don’t want that taste as much anymore. I want something that is fresh with more flavor.


This is my bonus: I’ve been taking time every day to do something creatively related to acting and filmmaking. Admittedly, this is not something I was doing back in Miami. I do feel now being here in LA, I’m here with purpose. There was a reason I just went through all of that move across country, and uprooting, so Sara, make the most of it!

It’s my accountability factor too, so you can hold me accountable. I’ve either been script writing, practicing a monologue, learning about filmmaking, doing auditions, reaching out for different connections every single day and doing something creative.

Committing is easy, but actually following through with the commitment is where the real tenacity and determination comes through.

Did you ever move anywhere? And did you change some of your habits?

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