FUNKSHION The Retreat Miami 2019 Wellness Event - Recap - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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FUNKSHION The Retreat Miami 2019 Wellness Event – Recap

All opinions and experiences are my own. This is not a paid review or influencer campaign. I was there for pure, warrior experience. Read more about The Retreat here.

Maybe a little deceiving by the name, but the Retreat is a 2 full day ultimate showcase of best in Wellness, Fitness, Athleisure and Fashion. Press, media, bloggers, influencers, and leaders in their respective categories are in attendance, and it’s a perfect opportunity to meet, converse, network, and learn from one another in an open area.

Fitness classes, yoga, food, panel talks, fashion shows and opportunities to PLAY! Something we professionals need to have a bit more of in our workday – even if it is in fitness and wellness.

This was my second RETREAT in attendance, attending in 2018 and now this year in 2019. Blessed to be living across the street from its venue this year, we were a quick 10 minute walk over to Paradise Plaza in Miami’s Design District.

Smart coordinators for hosting the event indoors – this time of year in Miami, you never when there’s a downpour coming!

Lucky me, this year I got to bring a Plus one! Guess who I brought?

Day 1

Back to the show:

Something this former New Yorker appreciated is that the event started ON TIME. Yes! Not ordinary for Miami, but something I wish it would catch on to. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended another’s yoga class, especially at an event. Sjana Elise (probably totally mispronouncing her name in the video, but you’ll know her from instagram) had a fun, all levels flow that kept me and the hubs entertained, light and loving afterwards.

Lunch from Dr. Smood looked good, but I held out for the giant fruit bowl that came for dessert. And a second helping!

The Wellness from Within Panel was probably one of the highlights, and I especially connected with the message Curtis Harrier shared on human behavior

Before the sound bowls, it was time to wrap up the day and restore. Back home to shower, catch up on emails, social media, and off load all the photos I took from the day.

Day 2

Day 2 started with an ass-kicker HIIT class with Kirsty Godso. I’ve done many HIIT classes before, but Javier? Not so many, hahaha. In the end, you do what you can, slow down when you need it, laugh along the way, and know you’re going to sweat.

I personally had too much fruit, and iced coffee (something I never drink) before the class, so eating after wasn’t the top of my priority list. But, who can say no to a big bowl of fresh fruit from Whole Foods!? Not this warrior.

The panel day 2 wasn’t my favorite, to be honest. It ended up being a bit more like personal promos for the respective speakers’ businesses. And, with one mention of CBD oil, which is all the craze in conversation lately, the panel took a long direction towards an area and topic that I’m not very interested nor passionate for. Personally, I prefer long-term fixes rather than the next quick-fix pill, but that’s a personal opinion.

However, as an interviewer and panel speaker myself, I can always learn from watching others perform.

Afterwards we checked out, played on some jungle gyms, and headed back home. After Kirsty’s class, we both smelled terrible, and took away enough to feel FULFILLED from the weekend’s offerings.

The irony? We came back to our apartment, and an hour later it was DOWN POURING. Not just rain, but like a mini-hurricane washing through.

Cleansing. Cleaning. New, fresh starts. A re-birth and live free, of sorts.

Impressions + Takeaways

What’s my recap and takeaway?

You follow people on instagram for a while, and — even though I’ve never been much of a celebrity person — you meet them in real life and realize they’re just like you. A bit fitter, a few more followers, but really, we all have a message and a mission to share and inspire. In many ways, it’s humbling, inspiring, and uplifting to see that others are creating and sharing their fitness and wellness passions, and I know deep down I’m fully capable to do it too.

After seeing Sjana Elise onstage teaching yoga, I was reminded that maybe I wanted to get back into teaching yoga events again. The weekly classes, no thanks, but the events to be able to connect to large crowds and sharing the message I AM passionate for, of LIVING FREE, self-empowerment and movement — that I was missing in my life. And, from what i remember, I was pretty good at it!

Also, I know for a fact that Javier and I have a lot to offer when it comes to our experiences and knowledge in wellness. This will take the form in many ways of speaking, book readings, 28-day or 90-day programs, classes, events, retreats, and production.

In the end, we’re not ONE thing, we’re the creative collective of many. Why keep talents small and selected to just one title, when there’s so much more to offer the world? Be what you’re passionate for, excel and hone in what you’re good at, be consistent with your word, what you do and in what you share, and the world will connect you with the right opportunities, people and places.

FREEDOM is in being YOU, warriors.

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