FULL BODY AT HOME (OR HOTEL ROOM) WORKOUT NO EQUIPMENT - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Want to get a workout in, but have zero equipment and limited space? This workout will exercise every main area of your body, while using absolutely no equipment.

These past few weeks, being quarantine inside our homes or apartments, we’ve been challenged to stay fit while keeping out from public places and spaces, such as gyms and studios.

What this can be is great mind-training and potential proof that we don’t have any excuses for not getting a workout in whenever we’re traveling or don’t have a gym. Combining intervals and  body weight, you’ll prove to your self you don’t need a gym or even equipment to be fit and move.

How to do it: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each. You can use a timer or an app timer if that helps you to keep track. Feel free to pause in between for 15 seconds, or keep going for maximum cardio intensity.

Exercises are listed out here individually, in addition to a full length video to follow. 

Watch the full video linked here:


Start out in a runner’s prep position, your right foot forward, knee bent 90 degrees. The left hand touches down, gaze is forward. Propel down through the right foot, exhale, and drive upright to standing, bringing the left knee in towards the chest. Return back to starting position with control and grace, inhaling. Repeat 30 seconds, then switching sides.


Come on to your forearms, shoulders over your elbows. Your knees can be touching the ground to start; or, elevate into a full forearm plank with knees lifted. Position your right hand under your face, putting your arm now at 45 degree angle. Shift into a single forearm plank on the right side. Lifting up from the left hip to the sky, lift and lower, remembering to breathe. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch and repeat on the left side.


From a seated position, lift your feet away from the ground, keeping the feet parallel to your knees. Engaging your core, take your hands in a prayer position towards your chest. Keeping a long spine, twist from your core, hands to the left, then right. Continue for 30 seconds. 


From your back, bring your heels in towards your you, just enough so your fingertips touch the backs of your heels. Elevate the butt, and engaging your glutes, lift your right foot up towards the sky. Keep the sole of the foot parallel to the sky, bending your knee if you need to. Lift and lower just the hips about 2-3 inches for 30 seconds. Switch sides, and repeat.


From a tabletop position, place your shoulders over your knees and hips over your ankles. Bring the sole of your right foot to face towards the sky, knee aligned with your hip. To note, if your hip flexors are too tight for this, you can lower the knee slightly below the hip. It’s important to keep the hips level in this exercise. Bring the knee towards your chest on the exhale, extending the leg out behind you on the inhale. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switching sides.


Begin with a bend in your knees, hands in a light prayer at your chest. Step your right foot behind your left, as if to do curtsy. The left knee doesn’t go any greater than 90 degrees. Return back to the beginning position. Switch sides, stepping the left foot now behind your right. Repeat for 30 seconds. You should be feeling this mainly in the glutes, secondarily in the quads. There shouldn’t be any pain in the knees.


Similar to the Donkey Kicks, start in a tabletop position. Engage the core, elevating the knees no more than 2 inches above the floor or mat. Hold, and breathe, for 30 seconds.


From a plank position set-up, keep your knees connected to the ground on this one with feet slightly elevated. Do a push-up, with elbows going no more than 90 degrees. On the top of the push-up, reposition the weight towards your left hand and twist your body open to the right, reaching your right hand to the sky. Come back to a plank position, repeating the push-up, then twisting to the left side. Continue for 30 seconds, breathing as needed.


From your belly, engage your core, elevating your hands, feet, chest and head. Keep your neck neutral, with your gaze down towards the floor. Your hands start our by your side, palms facing down towards the floor. Keep breathing! Stay here, or after 15 seconds, extend your arms out in front of you for the remaining 15 seconds. After, lower all of your body back down towards the floor.


In a reverse plank position, extend your legs out in front of you. Pressing down through your hands and heels, elevate the hips away from the ground. Energetically draw your heels in towards your glutes, lifting your hips as close to shoulder height as possible. If it feels OK in your neck, you can drop your head back, opening up your throat. Hold, and breathe, for 30 seconds before lowering back down.

Watch the full video linked here:

I recommend following this practice up with a few gentle stretches after too! Spinal twist, cobra pose, and a gentle forward fold can feel great to unwind some of the tension in the muscles we just worked. Or, head over to YouTube/LiveFreeTV for any one of the yoga videos listed there for free to do.

There are ten exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment, getting a full body workout in.

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