From the model's eye: a story of growth and self love - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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From the model’s eye: a story of growth and self love

READ ON, before you assume, “Great, another selfie photo.” This post goes deep, and is not for the closed-mind or shallow souls.

Just wrapping up from a modeling shoot from today which had a double agenda on deck: a. to showcase some pieces for a female entrepreneur Brazilian clothing line and, b. to raise awareness around cancer and the scars behind the survivors’ tales.

I’ve been open to modeling a bit more these days, with a lighter soul, brighter smile and warmer eyes to share a light and message I aspire to express to the world. Truth is, I’ve done some modeled in the past in my mid teens, when I was much more the ideal age for such a “career.” So, what’s the difference, and why now?

Here it goes: the difference is, the first go around, I was young, trying to “fit” what I thought was a perfect mold, starving my self to an incredibly low weight, internally hating my body, with all is curves, and looking so shy, insecure and uncomfortable in my body that I moved with little to no grace or ease.

Today, I am strong, I eat well and listen to what my body needs, I appreciate the muscle tone and curves that my body possesses, and I smile with love coming from a place that I can honestly say I now love my self. Even though I am still considered thin, Yoga has helped me appreciate strength, instead of skinny. Yoga has taught me to feel at ease and comfortable within my body, and to move in a way that is intuitive and from passionate expression.

This, to me, is health. This feeling of “ease” and “love for one’s self” is happiness and feeling at home.

Why do I choose to share photos of me now, when many may think it’s vain, is because I spent WAY too many years hating that same face and body to never appreciate all that it is. Yes, I am pretty. Yes, I am thin. Yes, I am strong. Yes, I have a healthy body that allows me to practice many yoga postures that some would dream of doing.

Truth is, it’s not about the postures, the face, the color of the eyes, or the weight of the person. It’s the intention, the feeling, and the expression behind the photos that matter to me. What is being expressed and shared, and how that is being communicated.

My message to you:
1. Learn to look in the mirror and love the person you see.
2. Spend more time each day doing what makes you feel alive.
3. Share your love with others openly and whole-heartedly.

Share or forward to someone you know who may need to hear this message. #livefree

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