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I Said YES! The Power Of the Right Hand Ring

What does self worth mean to you — as a human, as a warrior, as a female? 

Honoring self this holiday season, I decided to take gift-giving and what I wanted into my hands — literally. With any challenging life transition, we’re often faced with some honest truths about those around us and (ultimately) ourselves.

It would be a half-truth to share that a relationship not working is totally someone else’s wrong-doing. That’s simply impossible, as it takes two to tango (so the saying goes), and ultimately, we’re always responsible for our own choices and life path.

Therefore, at the fork of a long, hard road back to singledom, I found myself wondering what the lessons were that I could take away from this all? I accept being wrong. I accept being faulted. I accept being imperfect. Next!

What’s more important (and I refuse to shame myself) are the lessons and life learnings I can “token” away for myself to be better.

“Know your worth. Don’t ask for it. State it. And don’t settle for anything less.”

“I am mine. Before I am anyone else’s.”


At the start of this “new” relationship with myself, turning a fresh page of this chapter in my life story, I decided it was important to make a vow to myself before ever committing a vow to anyone else again. Here’s my “Will you marry me” to me:


“I promise, to love you through sickness and in health, through better or worse, in darkness and in light.

“I promise to be accountable, hold integrity, and to tell the truth. To be kind, compassionate, and understand that you’re human, and not expected to be perfect.

“I promise to cherish the light times, and learn and grow from the heavier ones. To work together as a TEAM, a unit and as a connected soul with two oars paddle the same boat in the same direction, weathering through any storm.

“I promise to commit to caring for you through the years to come, to not take the small things for granted, nor without reciprocation.

“I promise to remind you daily that you are so worth it, you are (and always were) more than enough, to never settle for anything or anyone less than above, and know I LOVE YOU.”

Today, I said, ‘I do’ to…ME.


As a symbol of female empowerment and the next chapter in my life — of truth, reawakening my voice, taking back my power, and as a reminder that the only person in this world I NEED to hear the words ‘I love you’ from, is from myself, to be at peace — the Right Hand Ring symbolizes all of that, and then some.

Like diamonds, gifts, and rings, we think we need to “find” love and to be fulfilled be another “half” to leave us complete or whole in life. Blame Jerry Maguire “You complete me,” that certainly is not the case, nor true. If that’s your mindset, then you’re always looking for someone else (or many others) to leave you feeling fulfilled and enough — and that the opposite of personal freedom.

The Right Hand Ring symbolizes a token to myself that I am enough, I am worthy, I am worth my weight in gold and diamonds, 100% whole and on my own. That sparkle is my inner light, that will eventually someday attract a similar light of equal shine into my life to create a force of brilliance together.

But, for now, my sparkle is plenty enough to light up a world in front of me. Anything extra will just add to the shimmer.


Like love — in this case, self love — a jewelry piece needs to sustain the length of time. Partnering with a company like Ecksand, only goes hand in hand with the purpose of this token of diamonds, jewelry, and sustainable, unconditional love for my self. Ecksand‘s mission and core value is “better for the planet and people” — using 100% recycled gold and ethical gemstones, handcrafting every jewel in their low-emissions atelier in Canada — and they have certainly bettered my life too.

While wearing a token of inner strength, wearing something that you know is made ethically, with morals and high standards, leaves me feeling good about what I’m wearing and putting out into the world. The fact that it is aligned with my own beliefs makes it that much better. These are the reasons I chose Ecksand for my very own Right Hand Ring.


In my marriage to SELF, the vow I took to ME, it was important to recognize what love really means to me. After all, if II cannot commit to those levels of love within myself, how could I ever expect to receive those pieces of love from anyone else? I’d settle.

Part of LIVING FREE is to NEVER SETTLE. Another part of living free is if you never try, you’ll never know. Trying, and learning, is a part of the life journey of a warrior.

Not all forms of love are meant to last a lifetime. Many will shift, transform, deepen, or disintegrate. The one love that I know deep within me that will continue to evolve, but never dissolve, is the love that I now have for ME.

The vow that I shared above is one that comes from experience over the past few years. Had I not seen what real love was, nor self worth or value, I wouldn’t have been able to write that promise to myself. The love I have now for ME runs deep in my blood, through my veins, pulsing through my heart, greater, more profound each day that I am alive.

Thank you Ecksand for coming on this journey with me and helping me share this powerful message on female empowerment, the Right Hand Ring, a token resembling my personal strength to never settle, know my worth, and weight, in diamonds. Consider purchasing from a sustainable, meaningful, and mindful source, like Ecksand as a symbol of your own SELF LOVE and journey. You are enough. You are SO worth. And, LOVE YOU, above all.

Would you say ‘I do’ to you? Check out the entire Classic Wedding Band line from Ecksand featured on their website.

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  • Hadjer hala
    Posted at 12:42h, 20 January Reply

    Yes to myself
    I do to my Future ME

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