EXERCISE VS EATING: Which one is more important? - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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EXERCISE VS EATING: Which one is more important?

Eating VS Exercise: Which one is more important to focus on?

Eating VS Exercises — Why I believe your food choices always win when it comes to effective weight maintenance.

As you warriors probably already know, I struggled for 18 years to have a good relationship with my body and food. Which is why, I really practice and share the message of creating a #lifestylenotadiet — because we’re focused on a long-term approach instead of a short-term DIET.

Have you ever found yourself eating something that you know you probably shouldn’t be eating but then telling yourself, “It’s okay, I’ll go to the gym later and burn this off.” Or, focusing only the number of calories you’re consuming then comparing that to the number of calories being burned on the treadmill?

This is a mind-f*k and can drive us crazy tallying and totaling every ounce of our food consumption. And, this is the mindset that lead me deep into an eating disorder that is one of the hardest struggles I’ve had to overcome in my 35 years of living.


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Creating a #lifestylenotadiet

Let’s avoid that thinking, warriors, and SHIFT to think in a #lifestylenotadiet

If you think in the 80/20 rule (that is, 80% of your results are going to come from 20% of your efforts). 80% of the results you are going to achieve are determined by 20% of the lifestyle habits you develop. In other words, a small number of important actions will lead to the most significant changes in your life and health. In this case, the 20% is actually your FOOD! Why I believe what you’re EATING is more important than HOW you’re exercising.

But also, for now, think on why you’re trying to control so much of your weight based on food. Think in emotion, self love, and feeling nourished — how you can shift that.

Here are some basics when it comes to healthy eating that I believe and follow (give or take, it’s a lot like the Mediterranean Diet):

  • Eat healthy fats: avocados, olive oil, coconut oils, those found in fishes, nuts & seeds
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes & nuts.
  • If you eat grains, make them whole or sprouted (nothing white, processed, or bleached)
  • Avoid processed foods (canned, packaged, artificial or “natural flavors”)
  • Consume dairy on a very limited basis (or not at all)
  • Consume red meat on a very limited basis (or not at all, I don’t as a personal choice)
  • Eliminate white sugar (let fruit be your “sweet” source)
  • Wine (or vodka) in moderation (once in a blue moon or special occasion, but rarely)
  • Move your body EVERY day in some way (walk, exercise, gardening, yoga, sex)
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  • Hadjer hala
    Posted at 22:55h, 27 May Reply

    Yes you are right in every single word, i live a lifestyle not a diet, thank you so much

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