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Feeling stuck in your health goals, financial successes, or personal potential? The following WELLTH tools are created to find your freedom.

Corporate or bulk discount rates are available for teams of 10+ people. Inquire at info@livefreewarrior.com with ELEARNING in the subject line.

28 Habits To Live An Empowered Wellthy Life (Live Free Renew)

Learn the healthy, wellthy habits of empowered living, and structure your life to live it on you own terms. This 28 habit-building program will help you to develop the skills, structure, and set-up for detoxing your life, connecting mind and body, nourishing your mind/body/passions, and creating your own “live free” lifestyle. Welcome to the journey, let’s learn, explore and play!

Speaking With Greater Confidence On Camera

This course is for Zoom meetings, YouTube Clips, Company Videos, Webinars, Auditions, Social Media Content, Interviews, Media, Press and Presentations…to name a few areas where confidence on camera can benefit you to create authority and sell.

Yoga For Beginner’s Complete Guide

Yoga Intimidation is a real! This Introductory Yoga Foundations Beginner Series that will prepare you to head with confidence into a yoga class prepared.

Live Free 9 Day Yoga Detox

This 9 Day Detox Yoga Series can offer your body and mind a fresh start any time of the year you need a new beginning. Each day is themed with an appropriate title, message and flow to build as the 9 days progress.


It is recommended to practice in the morning to start your day with the positive message and mindset offered for each video. Each video is 10-15 Minutes in length, designed for all levels.

UNFCK Your Posture

This set of videos, UNFCK Your Bad Posture, is targeted for those who spend long hours behind a desk, are experiencing low back pain, poor posture, low energy, and limited mobility in their hip flexors, hamstrings, and upper torso.

UNFCK Your Body

Introducing UNFCK YOUR BODY™: the SUPERFOOD of fitness! I’m Sara Quiriconi, @livefreewarrior, the creator of the UNFCK YOUR BODY, a series of 14 complete videos based on time-tested methodologies of yoga, myofascial release, and physical training.


Create balance, remove (dis)ease, restore mobility and learn to heal your own body. YES you can turn back time! Download the UNFCK YOUR BODY series and let’s begin your fitness cleanse together!


UNFCK YOUR BODY is a lifestyle method (or, brand of living) series based on the time-tested movement exercises of yoga, myofascial, and physical training.